Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Brison Blunders II

When public figures are accused of wrong-doing, what often brings them down is not the deed itself but the covering up of the deed.

That might be the fate for Liberal MP Scott Brison.

Brison sent an email to a Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce employee on the eve of a crucial government announcement on income trusts. The former cabinet minister told his friend to expect good news.

Brison insists he did nothing wrong. He says he had no inside information.


But when confronted by Globe and Mail reporters a few days ago about this affair, Brison claimed he couldn’t remember sending the email.

Yesterday, however, he changed his story.

Now he admits to sending the email and says his earlier denial was made because he feared any comment would impede the police probe.

Yeah right.

Clearly, Brison’s bumbling of this whole mess has undermined his credibility.

Not that this turncoat had much credibility in the first place.


Anonymous said...

"Brison Blunders", Martin Dithers, Belinda Buys...., Liberal Entitlement to Entitlements, Liberals - Canada's Natural Governing Party.....all lose!

The Tories and opposition parties must be doubled-over today.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

It seems like your organization and him have a lot of bad blood. Ironically when PC leadership candidate, he ran on many of the exact same ideas the NCC promotes.

Anonymous said...

Miles ...running on conservative values and then putting them into practice ....requires integrity !
Neither Mr Brison nor Ms Stronach have demonstrated any such characteritic ...just ask their marital partners .
Let the Liberals have them ...I will accept Mr Emerson as a fair trade !
blessings from Virgil Ontario.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I have never really cared much about integrity, so it is something pretty much no politician including Stephen Harper has. After the Emerson appointment, refusing to cooperate with the ethics commissioner, promising a person a job at 24 sussex and then sacking them on January 24th, and firing all diplomats who are not Conservatives is not integrity in my book. Mike Harris was the exception to the rule, not the rule. I have a tough time imagining their values have changed much, they simply will put greater emphasis on different issues since they are dealing with a different crowd. Jean Charest switched from the federal PCs to the provincial Liberals yet the policies he has implemented provincially aren't all that different than what he advocated when federal PC leader.