Friday, December 05, 2008

Why Not Canada PM?

Did an interview on Canada AM this morning alongside the "Prince of Darkness" aka Warren Kinsella.

We talked about the political fallout resulting from the Governor-General's decision to shut down Parliament.

And I came away from that discussion with one firm conclusion: It's hard to do interviews at 7:10 AM.


Anonymous said...

It occurred to me this morning, that in fact, the coalition of Liberal Party delegates was what led Stephane Dion to be Liberal Party Leader...Ignatieff and Rae were front-runners in the Liberal Leadership race. Stephane Dion's, Gerard Kennedy's and Martha Hall Findley's supporters all coalesced and gave power to Stephane Dion.

How stable is that coalition today?

Anonymous said...

With Warren Kinsella? Yuck, did you get any on you?