Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dion vs Harper

If this recent political fiasco has reminded us of anything, it's how much of a hapless, flop of a leader is Stephane Dion.

But we should also remember something else: Stephen Harper, with his "I'm not really a conservative" routine, could not bury this hapless flop of a leader in the last election and win a majority government.

That should tell you something.


Luca Colasanto said...

Not sure I completely agree with you there. While Harper should be more conservative, he did absolutely pummel Dion. It was the Bloc that kept Harer from a majority. Where it was a competition between Harper and Dion, Harper beat Dion the vast majority of the time.

Anonymous said...

Tells me that Canadians can sometimes be idiots, especially Quebecers.

But they are starting to wake up now.

Ruth said...

Try the election again and see what happens. The Country is awake now.

dougf said...

"That should tell you something."


What it tells me is that this is NOT a 'conservative' country. The Liberals used to be the NGP and old habits die hard. You want to see a complete collapse of the 'Conservative' vote ? Just go back to the Reform era policies and wait for the debacle to commence.

Harper will eventually guide the Party into a position where it can become the NGP and he will do it by hewing as close to the centre of politics as he possibly can.

And that is precisely what he should in fact be doing.

If the PM in fact manipulated this whole affair to expose the 'opposition' then he did a masterful job. If however he has been merely 'lucky', then it is instructive to remember that in most things it is far better to be 'lucky than good'.

Anonymous said...

I thought Dion was so soundly thumped by Harper that he resigned. The overwhealming majority is the next chapter. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Your jealousy is more and more unbecoming Gerry!!!

DeeDee said...

The difference was, Harper did it all on his own.

Who was in his corner?

From the dogpile of a debate, to special agreements amongst the other parties to not run candidates against each other.

From Quebec, where a separatist party turned the situation around by exploiting virtually meaningless arts funding to Newfoundland where the premier led a campaign for everyone to vote ABC, Harper had very few on his side.

Thats not to say he didn't make mistakes, he is human after all. I would venture Mr. Nicholls that even you have a made a few although its hard to tell from your writings.

I would just like you to consider one thing. When the Joe Clark's and Kim Cambell's and David Orchards rode off in the sunset to their golden retirements, the various media outlets decided they needed a patsy to replace them. Who better to replace them than a real life right winger that hates Stephen Harper with a passion.

They must have been overjoyed, because there can't be more than a dozen of you in this country.

You can measure Mr Harper with your conservative stick and continually find him lacking, thats entirely your right. One of the problems with Conservatives in this country is that they are so worried about EVERYONE passing their little tests that invariably the only person able to pass their stringent tests is themsleves.

Anonymous said...

What am i missing here, Gerry?
Did not Mr. Harper just reduce Mr. Dion to the lowest percentage of votes in Liberal history?

Anonymous said...

Harper is no idealogue. He wants to be PM and will do anything and say anything to get it.

Anonymous said...

If the Conservatives didn't have all 3 opposition parties + The greenies and the MSM on their backs for the whole election,they would have enjoyed an election majority easily.But when lie after lie is printed in papers all across Canada regarding funding cuts to the elite porno industry of arts and lies about how the big surplus disappeared under Conservative mismanagement.No one stepped up and told the truth and printed the facts????You all know that Arts funding cuts were never made,DON"T YOU???.You all know that taxes were cut and the Gst was cut and the national debt was paid down ,don"t you??So don"t be blaming PM Harper for all the lies that we let them paste to the Conservatives ,without fighting back.THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE,but we let the lies persist without defending the truth.SHAME ON US.

Anonymous said...

The Canadian people have woke up to all the lies. The next election will tell the truth!!