Monday, December 08, 2008

The Big Union Boss Coalition

Here are some of the "progressive" groups supporting the NDP-Liberal-Bloc Coalition:

Canadian Labour Congress

Federation des travailleurs et travailleuses du Quebec

Service Employees International Union Canada

United Steelworkers Canada

Canadian Union of Public Employees

Canadian Auto Workers

Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada

Canadian Union of Postal Workers

National Union of Public and General Employees

Confederation des syndicates nationaux

Central des syndicates du Quebec

Public Service Alliance of Canada

International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers

What this means is that had the Coalition succeeded in grabbing power, big union bosses, as well as separatists, would have a say in how this country is run.

Now that's a scary thought.

Also I wonder if any union bosses actually consulted their rank and file before they decided to support the Coalition?

I doubt it.

And if national public opinion polls are anything to go by, I bet the majority of unionized employees oppose the Coalition just as the majority of Canadians do.

So much for democracy.


Brian said...

I can vouch for the CAW - They didn't ask me.

Alberta Girl said...

This is a power play for government control by the big Unions. Let's hope this can also break them.

Anonymous said...

The PSAC one is especially troubling, as the civil service is supposed to be non-partisan. I believe they take some sort of oath when they're hired, not sure if neutrality is part of that. If it is, that could actually be grounds for mass firings..

Anonymous said...

ah yes. big unions and big government. make no wonder we are going to hell.

Ryan said...

God forbid the unions come out in support of anything. When the Chamber of Commerce or the Tax Payers Federation (who didn't even represent anyone, try joining. You can't) comes on in support of something there is a cry of "Big Business"

If you replaced "union" with "Jewish" or "Black" you would be up on hate speech charges.

Unions didn't start the coalition, they just support it. Get your facts right before you talk out of your ass.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the PSAC talked to its members before the last election, and asked them if they were in favour of the conservative, the liberals , the NDP, the greens, etc. The PSAC recommended its members vote for their choice according to their own politics. This PSAC member can only say it did not support the conservatives because it is known to be anti-public service, that's right, the conservatives do not value or respect public servants.