Saturday, December 06, 2008

Are the Tories Worth Defending?

Now that the political crisis in Ottawa has abated, at least temporarily, my friend Pierre Lemieux asks an excellent question: Should we even care if the Coalition takes over?

Writes Lemieux:

"Either there is some realistic hope that the Conservatives can progress towards restoring our liberties, or there is not. If there is, then the coalition government is not a bad idea.

The reason is simple. There is no way the Conservatives could be re-elected in a few years after the country has been wrecked by the economic crisis. A majority Liberal government would be brought to power and undo anything good the Conservatives might have done as well as make sure to keep everything else bad.

If, on the other hand, there is no hope with the Conservatives, then why should we care if the coalition takes over?"

Read the rest of Lemieux's comments here.


Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...
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Anonymous said...

Here is the thing. It is really no longer a Conservative party.

It has become a Harper Cult.

So, no, it's not worth defending that cult, but the party - yes.

Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alberta Girl said...


L said...

Having been forced to belong to PSAC, I deeply resented that union dues supported printing NDP drivel. Making joining optional would help.

Sammy said...

I absolutelty think Tories are worth defending.After this latest fiasco between the Lib/bloc/ndp,can anyone tell me what they stand for??All 3 of these parties have abandoned all principal in a grab for power,and when is anyone in msm going to start asking the tough questions of Snake-oil Layton? How long had he been planning this? On Coren's tv show last eve,Sid Ryan (of CUPE) stated he an Layton had met 2-3 WEEKS PRIOR to the fiscal update and talked about the coalition.So,are any of you comfortable with unions running this gong-show? I'm certainly not,and I pay Union dues to both CUPE and MGEU,as a prov.Gov't employee,and because of where I live and my job,there are 2 Unions covering the same turf.
BTW,where is the rest of the tape,with Layton discussing the 'coup'

conservativereporter said...

I concur with what sammy said...and add that Martha Hall Finlay is full of vinegar spouting off and saying they will never give in...(line all the comments up from the coalition members and we have proof positive of their modus operandi)

YES THE TORIES ARE WORTH DEFENDING - AND MANY OF US ARE AND WILL CONTINUE TOO - there are terrific members of the conservative's a team more than you realize, look what has been done ...and expect more...remember that Canada is in an enviable position with the rest of the world - who brought us to that?

Scuse me...I have to a bus to catch to go to the Saturday Rally For Canada.

george said...

you mr.Nicholls wrote "one of the top five political minds in the country".......and you are asking that question?
you must be kidding ....maybe yourself not me.
Sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

It seems your envy of Mr. Harper will justify any scenario that removes him from power. Try to accept the better man for the job is Prime Minister.

Are you guys agreeing that nothing can be done to buttress Canada from the coming melt-down?

Do you actually believe putting a spend-thrift coalition of liberals, socialists and separtists in power would be better for our country in any way, shape or form?

What a sad existence. No confidence, take the easy way. Let the misfits run things an maybe we can come in later and clean up after. Sad Sad Sad!!!

How about...attack the job at hand and do the best you can. Voters will appreciate the effort if you make good decision and save them from most of the misery.

Rally For Canada said...

This coalition was formed because Harper wasn't spending enough in the form of a stimulus, so right there Lemieux's argument is in serious jeopardy.

There is one side that wants to try to curtail spending, and one that is insistent in billions in new spending, most of it in the form of corporate welfare and money to Big Union; the divide between statists and non-statists has never been more vast, or more apparent.

Prof. Lemieux is suggesting a cabal comprised of a sociology professor who did his thesis on marxism, named his pet turtle Trotsky, and taught a parrot to say "ideologie", and a long time member of the Marxist party (Duceppe), and Big Union's representative (Layton), along with May's economy killing proposals, represents a more libertarian alternative to Stephen Harper's Conservatives.

Respectfully, Mr. Nicholls, you and Lemieux are asses.

Anonymous said...

How about this for a question, Gerry?

Should we have a change of Government without an election?

Soccermom said...

Yes they are worth defending. The thought that 38 seat Jack could become de-facto PM in this country (come on, we all know Jack's the one wearing the pants in the coalition) should scare the living daylights out of everyone. Dion is soft, pliable and easy to manipulate for Jack. If the new interim leader, whomever they pick, has more cojones than Stephie (and of course he will), this coalition will begin to fracture, because Jack just HAS to have his way. If Bob Rae becomes the leader, look out folks, we will be looking at the first NDP Prime Minister of the country. Then you can say goodbye to the West.

I wonder how diehard Liberals feel now that their being pulled around the nose by the likes of Layton. Do you not realize you're having a takeover from inside?? Layton is even more dangerous than Duceppe, in my opinion.

PM Harper is well respected internationally and is the best PM I have had in my lifetime. Have a look at the polls.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. The alternative is a cabal of Trotskyites with unlimited (they will have a majority, after all) power in charge. Let's put it to a vote whether or not that is what people thought they were getting in the last election, shall we???


JCKelan said...

Not really worth responding to but, yes, we prefer a Harper-led conservative government to any coalition of left wingers and separatists.

Kinda obvious.

wilson said...

''There is no way the Conservatives could be re-elected in a few years after the country has been wrecked by the economic crisis.''

Just like there was no way
No way Canadians would accept the hard righwinged ideology of the Reform.
No way Stephan Harper would ever, ever become PM.
No way Harper's minority will last 12 months.
No way a black man would ever become President of the USA.

Gotta tell yah, I was in gleefull disbelief, when I saw the polls following the coalition showdown.

I thought there was more of 'them' than 'us'.
Now I know, 'them is us'.
Thankyou Ontario!

greyburr said...

Sounds like the old 'they are all the same'arguement, so why even vote!As for me I know who steals my money when given the keys to the safe.Damn right the conservatives are worth saving.How soon we forget eh!

Anonymous said...

Reagans ghost says...

Using Socialist math/logic,
They say 62% voted No to a Harper Government....


74% voted No to a Dion govt,
82% voted No to a Layton govt,
90% voted No to a Duceppe govt,

Therefore ...246% voted NO to a coalition government.
Or...156% voted NO to a Lib/NDP coalition.

Robert Wood said...

The Conservatives don't even need defence. They need attack.

The "coalition" illustrates exactly why Ontarians voted against Proportional Representation in the last Provincial election: it results in governments that are made through backroom secret deals and governments that NO ONE voted for.

Bring it on: Separatist Coalition (I'm not letting the theoretical two-party coalition off the hook of their silent partner, and bitch-master, the BQ) versus Conervative.

Anonymous said...

The coalition is dangerous. $30 Billion of stimulus spending is plain wrong. Who will pay for it? The simple answer is Alberta.

If Canada thinks they have Separation problems with Quebec - just piss-off Alberta and we'll be out lickity split.

The difference between Alberta and Quebec is we are willing Federalists, until the federal government attacks us. We have the economic clout to leave and we will. Our separation interests are financial not cultural, as in Quebec.

The coalition is morally wrong in that its a deal with the Quebec separatist party.

ebt said...

Are the Conservatives worth defending? No. Is it worth supporting the Conservatives to keep the Liberals out of power? Hell, yes.