Friday, December 05, 2008

Rae is Finished

The Globe and Mail is reporting Liberal MP Bob Rae is taking over as the chief spokesman for the doomed Coalition.

If that's true, then the Liberal leadership race is all but over; Michael Ignatieff has won.

I mean by taking this action and basically pushing Stephane Dion aside (a coup within a coup) Rae is showing incredibly poor political judgement.

Can't he read the polls? Doesn't he understand the vast majority of Canadians don't want the Conservative government toppled by the Bloc-NDP-Liberal Junta?

What the Liberals should do now is basically acclaim Ignatieff as leader as quickly as possible, before the Dion and Rae tandem do any more damage to the party brand.


Anonymous said...


Dennis said...

I have been saying for some time that open civil war is going to occur in the Liberal party as a result of this coalition. It's now happening.

Skuleman said...

I've always thought that Rae and Layton were the ones who cooked this up. First I don't think Dion is capable of anything so Machiavellian, and second because I don't think Layton could deal with Iggy running the coalition. I think the plan was for Layton to anoint Rae before the leadership review as a condition of ongoing NDP support.

robins111 said...

Naw Gerry, let them bleed themselves dry, and then rebuild.
We then may get a party that represents Canadians, not the boardrooms.

The Conservatives had to go through this evolution and I believe it made them stronger

Anonymous said...

I saw Rae's interview with Mike Duffy last night.

smarmy was the word that came to mind.

Roy Eappen said...

has Hm PM Harper planned all this? The grits will pay a terrible price for their acttions. The NDP are down 3-5 % in the polls as well.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Rae was extremely rude to Mike Duffy during an interview and he was equally as rude during an interview done by John Oakley a few weeks back.

I'm now convinced that Rae isn't smart enough to be that ignorant to people , I've seen a I.Q. curve where the really smart people in the upper 2% of the population have learned that the more they know...the more they realize how little the knew and how little they still know.

Rae feels there is nobody on Earth that he can learn from , we're all idiots inside his petty little version of reality where he is Oh So witty and smart for his perception of a problem.
Awhile back I heard rae claim that if the economy was in better shape he would have been a better leader in Ontario,'re kidding Bob, and if my Uncle had breasts he'd be my Aunt.

Christoph said...

I'm not sure that he's finished yet, but I'm not sure about his reasoning behind tying himself in further to this failed coalition. I think he's planning on browbeating Dion and the rest of the Liberal MPs into toppling the Conservatives in January, the country's sentiments be damned.

The flaw with the plan is "the rest of the Liberal MPs". Dion has absolutely no chance of ever becoming PM without the above so he's not Rae's problem.

Russ Campbell said...

I agree. Ignatieff is playing this very adeptly. I believe he's setting himself up as the only senior Liberal MP who can negotiate with PM Harper. There is too much animus on Dion's and, increasingly, Ray's part.

Canadians do not want an election, period. The Grit who shows he can work with Harper wins the day.

Agent Smith said...

Saw Rae on Duffy - he was in overdrive, I thought a few cables were about to snap. Talk about digging your own grave.

I think His Igginess is damaged goods too - anyone associated with pulling this coup is.

The only Libs with any cred are the ones who spoke out before prorogue. After that too late homs. To bad so sad.

Harper can pull a Mulrooney a la John Turner; 'You had an option sir ! - you could have said no!'

Bec said...

Having watched the drama unfold on CTV with the Liberal caucus imploding, I think there is a further agenda.
The member that walked out I think has sent the signal of the plan.
They want to appear concillatory, AFTER they get concessions, from the budget. National heros, saved the day, all of the optics.
Rae, does not agree. He wants to take them down now.
Rae, is a dangerous guy. His comments about the national reaction were beyond offensive.

NB taxpayer said...

He knows he can't win, so he's hoping to charm his way into the PM's chair as leader of the coalition. I guess he views himself as the voice of reason for the Libs in a time of constitution crisis. Also, it's clear he does not respect Iggy b/c of his lack of leadership skills.

Brian said...

Yes I agree Rae is finished ... AMEN to that !

It has become apparent that Iggy is to be the "anointed" great leader of the Liberal party and the only way Rae can prevent this is with a Coalition coup.

... but Iggy is also "damaged goods" because he was at one time in favour of the Coalition.

Iggy would be in a much stringer position if he had come out and strongly opposed the Coalition from the start , but he didn't and PM Harper will make him pay dearly for that error in judgment !

Anonymous said...

I missed the unpleasant comments made by Rae, does anyone know if I can read them anywhere?
Also, I think Count Ignatieff looks weak and without principles as he did not oppose this ridiculous coup attempt.

He is like a vulture waiting to get his bit of the prey.( sorry, mixed metaphors :-)) )

Ron said...

Rae as his finger prints all over this. He and Layton the dream team of the ultra left saw this as their attempt at the title and they took it. Now after the decision they have to look strong and old Bobby is running coast to coast to stir up support.

I wonder if he'll start in Alberta???