Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Reviewing Dion's Talk

Note to Liberals: 70 percent of Canadians don't like your leader.

So what's with the extreme close up?


Anonymous said...

That was a GREAT "review" Nicholls!! It goes to show your brain capacity when all you can say is this!

Are you admitting that YOU personally dont like Dion because of his looks? Odd statement from a balding little man!And if you are speaking for all who "dislike Dion"???...all the more reason he should be PM...simple minded fools should not be allowed power in this country!!

Nonetheless...sorry I came here and you should learn to shut up so you dont give all Tories a bad name tardo!!

Anonymous said...

WTF? I was supposed to chat on-line with my internet girlfriend "Celine" and finally get to see her by video but when I go on-line there's some skinny guy in glasses talking about the economy!

"It's a trap!"

Ryan R said...

Anon - Considering the multitude of ways that Dion screwed up tonight, you should be thankful that Mr. Nicholls didn't have more to say.

And... wow, talk about your wild over-reaction! And they call conservatives reactionary? Good grief. Switch to decaf, buddy.

Anyway, the question isn't looks, it's that if people already don't like a leader, it doesn't help to do major close-ups of him or her. Such close-ups takes a leader that people don't like, and makes him or her more "in your face" and invasive of the viewer's sense of personal space.

This is usually bad with any leader - but it's especially bad with an unpopular one.

wilson said...

LOL, a little embarrassed of Dion's late performance anon?

Re-takes take time, yah know.

Cool Blue said...

Do you think it's easy to pronounce "significant"?

Anonymous said...

Amateur hour. I am sure Canadians are reassured.The Coalition is done like dinner.

Tom said...

Well Gerry, guess I take back my comments about the PM's speech he obviously knew what was following him and acted accordingly. If theres anyone in this country or anyother country that belives Myr. Dion is ready to lead the country flanked by Layton and Duceppe, they are drinking more than just kool-aid. It was the most pathetic production and presentationever given by a political party in Canadian history,(followed by the out-takes during the election), and the obvious ad placement of the book Hot Air must have been someones intentional bright idea!!!! No wonder Duceppe grabbed him in the elevator by the lapels. Duceppe watched his clever game evaporate. Propping up the Liberal party as the front just backfired on them (Socialists and the Separatists)the end is nigh, all that planning all those covert meetings, the conspiracy has openned like a rotten egg, I can smell it throughout the halls and so can everyone else.

JCKelan said...

"If I am entrusted with the role of prime minister for the next months that I have left to serve,"

One of the signatories is gone in a few months.

Where is the stability?

rondi adamson said...

We noticed the extreme close-up, too, but what was really weird was Dion was out of focus. I think the cameraman was not a supporter!

Anonymous said...

This mess is the result of the Liberals acting in according to their motto, "Get power at all costs; keep power at all costs."

Will O'Neill said...

Hey Jerry,

Thanks for posting my Bernier scandal vid on your blog - thought you might like my latest one about this coalition madness as well: