Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Democracy Liberal Style

Say what you will about the Liberals, but they sure know how to streamline the democratic process.

First, they tried to change our government without all the fuss and muss of those tiresome and costly elections.

And now, they have shown how easy it is to pick a new leader: No conventions, no delegates, no votes. Just acclaim.

It makes me wonder what other time-saving measures they have in mind.


Anonymous said...

That's right. And I hope the Conservatives remind voters of the antics displayed in the passed 9 days.

It's time to wake up, and take back our democracy back Canada.

Bec said...

Yes and all on National TV without an eyebrow raised.
Not a question of validity,morality
or responsibility.
Where this is going needs to be answered by someone and I fear it will be missed.
Credibility, has a different definition with these clowns.

Anonymous said...

Ignatieff is an illegitimate leader. However, he will prove to be very useful. Harper will strike a deal with Ignatieff on the budget, an alliance if you will (not a coalition). The NDP and Bloc will vote against but the Liberals will vote in favour. The Liberals will move so far to the right that in the next election it will be a Harper majority with the NDP as opposition and the Liberals on their way out.

tasso said...

Guys - Ignatieff is Harper's chosen dance partner. Now you better play nice with this guy or things could get real ugly....