Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sad Time for Canada

The saddest part about the political battle raging in Ottawa is that it's a fight over nothing but power.

It's not about principle or ideology or competing values.

What are watching, in other words, is just a turf war between competing gangs determined to wipe each other out.

Like I said, it's sad.


langmann said...

Actually I'm not entirely convinced the Conservatives bear any blame here for this problem. This Liberal-NDP-Bloc deal has been in the making for a long time, and I am suprised it took so long to come about.

We're looking at a long series of potential minority governments should the Liberals actually get a leader, unlike Dion who causes most people to cringe.

The Left needed to merge in order to remove some of the vote splitting. If it wasn't this issue it would have been something else.

Lets examine this particular issue: it involves the transfer of public money to corporations and unions as well as to political parties. This is a transfer that as a libertarian I am strongly against. Hence I applaud Harper for holding off so long with the inevitable ransom payment to the American automobile industry. Should we be blaming the Conservatives for being conservative and trying to be intelligent with our money? Or did we just vote for Liberal Blue?

Honestly I would rather go to the polls over that issue than the issue Joe Clark went to the polls with: an 18% gas tax increase. Think about it. Which resonates more with voters? Are you entirely convinced Harper didn't know that such a deal was in the making and decide to make it appear as unappealing to Canadians as possible?

The last issue here is the potential death of either the Liberals or the NDP. Should this merger occur, many more intelligent fiscally and economically intelligent Liberals will be wondering why they are surrounded by socialists of meagre intelligence and shortly want out of there.

I think Canada is about to enter the realm of two party politics. I also think the media needs to do a better job.

Anonymous said...

lousy speech by Harper. Should have appealed to Libs who are wary of Dion. Harper's days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

It is very sad indeed but on a happy note I can't remember a time when Canadians were so engaged in their politics. That's good news isn't it?