Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Shape of Things to Come ...

Well it looks like nothing will stop the Liberal-NDP-Bloc Junta from seizing control of our government.

So we might as well accept our fate.

But what will it mean for our country?

Well here's what we can expect in the next few months:

* To make life easier for Gilles Duceppe the capital of Canada will be transferred from Ottawa to Quebec City.

* Toronto will be renamed Hugo Chavezville.

* Somebody from the Taliban will be appointed to the Senate and made Minister in Charge of the Human Rights Commissions. (Which will likely make it more tolerant.)

* The five dollar bill will feature a picture of Buzz Hargrove.

* Alberta will be converted into one big national park.

But don't worry, this can all be changed whenever the Junta decides to restore democracy.


Anonymous said...

Gerry, you didn't even mention how we can all go back to chopping wood for fuel and using burning faggots for lighting once Elizabeth May lands in cabinet via the Senate.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. This is the tripe that comes out of a blog called "Making Sense . . ."

You make the recent Republican campaign in the US sound more like a fact check exercise.

Josef said...

I think you'll be interested in what Tasha Kheiriddin has to say about this. She is one valiant soul, to say the least.

Skuleman said...

Oh come on Gerry, you know Miller would never allow Toronto to be renamed anything other than MillerVille :-)

Anonymous said...

Paul Martin will build a personal 18 hole golf course on Parliament Hill.

Chretien will sic the R.C.M.P. on whomever he wants.

rondi adamson said...

Gerry -- it's funny because it's true!!