Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Liberals Should Have Listened to Me

The Liberal Party of Canada should send the Governor-General a bouquet of roses.

Her decision today to prorogue Parliament , after all, saved the Liberals from making the biggest mistake in their history.

As I noted a few days ago, it would have been a political disaster for the Liberals to join forces with the separatists and socialists so they could topple the Tories.

Constitutional or not, I said Canadians would not warm up to the idea of a unelected government.

And now the polls are showing I was right. Ipsos Reid reports that 62% of Canadians are angry with the Coalition for trying to take power from the Conservatives.

Luckily the Liberals now have the chance to pull back from the abyss, which they will.

I wonder if the NDP and Bloc will still remain bosom buddies?


Anonymous said...


wilson said...

Still think Harper has to go, anyone?

Keep them mad so they can't think!!

Paul MacPhail said...

Gerry, I had a very bad feeling when the election results rolled in on election night. It was the feeling that "this is it. The CPC are done for."
It was based on the premise that the economy would get worse, and not recover until sometime between the end of February and the end of April. With that in mind, and a budget vote that I expected at the end of February, I felt that they would be defeated and the Liberals would form government just as things were about to change. Thanks to the coalition of the livid, that feeling's now totally gone. I believe the damage is done to the Liberals, and after viewing the polls today you can see the drastic change in media coverage. Many reporters are now best buds with the PM. Funny, eh?

ward said...

I don't understand why you think they have avoided disaster. The only thing that stopped them (for now) was a swift and furious backlash from the public, not any regret or contrition for the seditious act they tried to commit.

There is no going back. LPC needs to meltdown and rebuild, as they should have after Adscam.

Anonymous said...

Urgent - Harper is an embarrassment.

Jim Prentice for leader of the CPC - urgent, now, ASAP

robins111 said...

I don't agree about the backlash.

'It happened, but it was against the coalition of the swilling.