Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Reviewing Harper's Talk

Prime Minister Harper's televised speech was not really much of a plea.

It was more like a game: How many times can you say "separatist" in less than five minutes.


Cool Blue said...

I was honestly hoping that he'd make a plea to blue Liberals to join a "Unity Government" to stop the separatists from getting power.

Tom said...

Sorry Gerry but as an EDA President I was a dissappointed in The PM's four minutes. A golden opportunity to reset has be missed unless theres some considerable u ndercurrent action going on. Out here in the hinterland there was a plea from the other side. A face saving gesture would have cost nothing only gained us the high ground.

Anonymous said...

Certainly some blood will warm at the mere mention of separtists but there is a number of ways to approach this problem. First of all, Harper has to point out that we have a coalition government now and have had for five years. Secondly, that the economic decisions made by the CPC is prudent at this time. It leaves room to do more in the future, furthermore it is NOT out of step with other similar countries in the world. First of all, the auto industry is suffering world wide and unless I am mistaken, no country has ponied up big money yet for this industry anywhere. Canadians can handle the truth if somebody will give it to them. (real conservative)

Bec said...

I think he did great and I also think that he has a very bad case of the flu or something. He looked exhausted!
I think that we will see all of those concerns addressed in the coming weeks. He has to get through the GG first. Anything else would have been inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

He did look exhausted but sincere.

Dion on the other hand looked like a floating head that was filmed by a six year old. What the f***?

wilson said...

Sounded to me like a man who knew he had the upper hand.
We just haven't seen his cards yet.

Just saying, if GG denies PMSHs advice to prorogue,
he resigns,
GG has no choice but to install Dion....
by precedent set with ever other PM APPOINTED by the GG,
the GG would have to tell Dion he has six months and must call an election.

That would make the next gerneral election first week in June.
Would Dion insist on running?

GrantK1 said...

I don't know Gerry how many times can you say Bush in 1 leaders debate. I got pretty hammered that night listening to that debate. Had a shot tequila every time the word Bush was used.

Depressed Tory said...

Regardless of what the Opposition Leaders stated, Harper missed a golden opportunity tonight. He needed to elaborate further on his economic accomplishments, nothing on the pro-active measures his government had taken before this recent crisis hit us. He spent the speech raging against separatists......... utterly silly.

Bec said...

The constitutional expert that I have been enjoying lately, was on with Duffy, prior to the speech.
He said that her decision could be as harmful to her reputation as anything. She has a huge responsibility to do it right. If she caught the speeches, it may now be easier.
I think we will be having another election or "GET BACK TO WORK"!
I am only okay with those options, especially after those speeches.

Mark Francis said...

Harper entire purpose was to criticize the coalition with whatever mud he could throw at it.

This is not what I expect from my PM.

I expected him to respect and understand the concerns of a majority of our ELECTED Parliament, and to at leastattempt to address their concerns.

But this has been Harper's problem all along. He governs as if he has not just a majority, but one he can rule over with an iron fist.

he forgets that most of us have not voted for him, and that this is reflected not only in the popular vote, but in the seat count in the House.

He is not the right PM for a minority government. He needs to go.

There's two ways to do this. The first way is for the coalition to take over. The other is for him to resign. And, while he's at it, Flaherty can go too.

But Harper is going to be more interested in saving his skin.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter what PM Harper said in his speech,there would be whiners and bitchers and someone to complain about what he didn't say.Guess the guy should just shut up and let all you ass-holes speak for him EH!

Anonymous said...

Does nobody realise that perhaps we should think about electoral reform? In a situation with MMP (Mixed Member Proportional system) the Bloq wouldn't have such an influence. Due to the flawed first-past-the-post thing we have going on they benefit from the high density situation they have in Quebec. MMP would change the shape of Canadian politics and only for the better. MMP works well in New Zealand and many European countries. Why does nobody talk about it in Canada. They have heard of it right?