Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spinning the Election

Every party was a winner last night:

The Tories strengthened their minority government made gains across the country and even won a few urban seats.

The Liberals, despite having a weak leader, revitalized its brand in Quebec and held onto its core urban support base. It's now well poised to make huge gains in the next election.

The NDP increased its number of seats and made gains in BC, Ontario and in Atlantic Canada.

The Bloc Quebecois held firm and continues to be the most dominant federal party in Quebec.

The Green enjoyed a breakthrough year, gaining wide attention for its platform and increasing its popular vote.

Or ....

Every party was a loser last night.

The Tories failed to win a majority government despite facing the weakest Liberal leader in 100 years and its scheme to achieve an electoral breakthrough in Quebec was a major bust.

The Liberals got crushed; they lost seats and declined in the popular vote. Even worse, they now have Justin Trudeau in their caucus.

The NDP failed to leap ahead of the faltering Liberals and will once again settle for third place.

The Bloc failed to dislodge the Tory beachhead in Quebec.

The Greens despite massive publicity and a fawning media failed to win a single seat and their leader may have tainted the brand name with cynical political games.


nbt said...

The famous, "there's always two ways you can spin one thing" by Art Hanger.

greyburr said...

One of the biggest casualtys of this election in my opinion is the media as an institution.Issues were never at the forefront but gottcha politics were played for days.No one votes because survivor style journalism just turns people off.

Iain G. Foulds said...

... I'm sure that all Canadians approve of the end of Garth Turner.

Iain G. Foulds said...

... The big laugh is the Left proclaiming the election "Harper's failure".
... Right.