Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Harper and Snacks

Infamous biker chick Julie Couillard's much-anticipated and imaginatively titled book, My Story, will be hitting the book shelves this Monday.

But the media is already reviewing its contents.

And according to one CBC review, "'Couillard also contends that (Maxime) Bernier, an active runner, was constantly concerned about his own physical appearance and frequently criticized the physical shape of his boss, complaining that Harper had a paunch, ate badly and constantly drank Pepsi."

As someone who once worked with Harper I can tell you that bit about his eating habits definitely rings true to me.

Back in his National Citizens Coalition days, Harper would always sneak out of the office in the afternoon and return loaded down with chocolate bars, chips, candies and huge cups of Pepsi.

Before long, the NCC staff came up with a secret nickname for Harper: "Fatboy" or "FB" for short.

Maybe I should write my own book.


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty shocking revelation . . . though to his credit he seems to have cut back on the sweets in recent months. =P

wilson said...

Couple 'PMSH is fat' with
'Harper won't hug his kids in public' and the man is ruined I tell yah!
Economy? Who cares!! This is much much bigger!

Anonymous said...

What about the bikers, the drugs, the hookers, the biker mafia, Oh yeah, too much Pepsi, what a shocker. I too should write a book about the gallons of Coca Cola consumed in my prime.

Anonymous said...

Too late Julie beat you. Anyway FB has to lose weight and get healthy if only for his kids' sake.

Alberta Girl said...

Gee Gerry - the horror - what the hell does your "tell all" have to do with - well - anything.

Get over yourself - I can see why you are no longer working at the NCC

Anonymous said...

And their name for you was?

Peter A said...

Gerry, you should really think about going into accounting. This whole public intellectual thing isn't working out.

Platty said...

Slow news year Gerry?

The service is called The Blogging Tories, not Bloggers who Bash the Tories.

Maybe you should go start that site up, hmmm?

I'm sure you and all the other wannabes would be able to keep yourselves amused for hours on end there....


jckirlan said...

You've gone from sad to pathetic. A little jealous I am presuming. Stunted intellect for sure.

Roy Eappen said...

The Prime Minister has lost quite a lot of weight. Last time I saw him ( last week) . He looks like he has lost about 40 lbs. I think Gerry was making the point that this stuff is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

So Bernier is buff eh? Nice. p.p.

djxtreme said...

One of the top 5 gutter minds maybe. Nice profile, says a lot of where you used to work and what you used to do. Unemployed now? Now there's no news, no surprise.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Hey, thanks for all the nasty comments and hate-filled emails.

You know, usually when I tell people those stories about Harper at the NCC they laugh.

And when the NCC staff came up with that nickname for Harper we did it because we thought it was a fun way to tease the boss.

It was funny, not mean-spirited or insulting.

So can't some Tories, see the humour? Why are they so defensive?

Is it because you have deified Harper to such an extent, that you view anything less than effusive praise as blasphemy?

Well, sorry, to me Harper is not a God.

He's just a guy I used to work for, who is now a politician.

No more, no less.

Anonymous said...

She had her 15 minutes, I think she's now entering her 30 mins.CBC are salvitating.She writes a book like that silly woman Kitty Kelly.I see journalists( lefties) reading experts from it and looking embarrassed.I wonder if the Libbie's paid her, or should I say how much.So she would bring it out on debate night. Almost as desperate as Rae, and his run the tape( 2003!) .Good grief.