Friday, October 03, 2008

Post Debate Analysis

Here are some morning-after reflections on last night's English debate.

* Calling it an "English" debate is a bit of a misnomer given that Gilles Duceppe and Stephane Dion were not exactly speaking English.

* At one point Dion called Jack Layton a "socialist" which is a bit like Britney Spears calling Paris Hilton a headline chaser.

* The debate organizers really should have invited George Bush to be part of the debate since it was mainly his policies that were under attack.

* What was the deal with the guy building his shed?

* According to Layton, if the tax cuts to "Exxon" were cancelled the government would have enough money to fund the arts, cure our health care system, save the environment and erect Tommy Douglas statues in every city of the land.

* Now I know why Elizabeth May is at these debates; the Liberals are too embarrassed to cheer for Dion.

* The opposition leaders described Harper with words like, "cold-hearted", "cold and callous", "out of touch" "incompetent", "doesn't care", which just goes to show their debate preparation mainly entailed consulting a thesaurus.

* Everybody at the table kept trying to convince Harper he was a conservative; he kept reassuring him that he wasn't.


MLM said...

"Everybody at the table kept trying to convince Harper he was a conservative; he kept reassuring him that he wasn't."

Right on the money, Gerry. It was exasperating at times to see Harper keep the kid gloves on.

And thanks for being the voice of reason among the panelists on Coren last night.

Anonymous said...

There you go again with your Hate harper diatribe... You have become so typical, predictable, and boring ... You should onsider going back to work for the NCC to become relevant again...

Wonder Woman said...

I want to know how I can sign up for one of those Tommy Douglas statues for my front lawn -- better than a fire hydrant, for the neighbourhood pups!

Anonymous said...

I thought jack Layton was rude.Also, 1930 called and they wnat their old rhetoric back!
May, did she ever shut up.I found her manners (maybe because she is a rookie )to be awful. nipping like a little rabid dog .Duceppe , frankly should not of been allowed at this debate actuall plain and Biden had a debate, this was just lets bring up Bush and oil( is that all they have?) Go Harper..poor dion looked to me like he was going to cry, he is really weak.The G&M say harPer won this, I think he did as well.