Saturday, October 11, 2008

Election Summary

Here is how I would summarize the various political campaigns:

The Conservatives
Never in the field of political endeavours have so few squandered so much.

The Liberals
Why should Stephane Dion be Prime Minister? I don't follow you ... can you repeat the question?

A new kind of strong, but an old kind of socialism.

The Green Party
Official Campaign slogan: For God's sake whatever you do, don't vote for us.

The Bloc
Get used to us, we are not going away


Anonymous said...

What happened this election? Well, no one could have predicted that the NDP would conduct such a perfect campaign. We were too focused on Dion and forgot about the other guy in the room. We used up all our second chances way too early in race. Third and banging at the door everyday this is all I heard, arts funding!!!. Now I did not disagree with the cuts but the party did not spin it properly, and Harper comment was the anchor around the neck. Now I will agree about 80% of those people who were pissed about the arts funding wouldn't have voted for us anyway. However, they were loud and proud and a constant thorn in our side. However, I would say in Quebec the percentage of lost votes was 50% It is the Quebec culture they love and support their artist, (not just with tax dollar, real dollars) I wish the rest of Canada would do the same. Remember everyone who reads this go to your local Tory HQ this weekend and ask how you can help kick some Liberal, Dipper or Bloc butt!

Powell lucas said...

Good summation...especially about the Conservatives. I don't know who was responsible for this disaster of a compaign but on October 15 he/she should be out finding a job more suited to their talents. Perhaps public relations consultant for Robert Mugabe.

Eaglewolf said...

My hopes are that the Conservatives win with a majority and that the NDP become the official opposition.

If the left comes together and votes strategically, lets hope they place their votes on the better man, Jack. How can you not like Jack? As Stephen is the wisest of the leaders and will encourage you to eat your vegetables, Jack is the uncle you go see for the candy!

For the sake of Canadian international relations, let us hope that cooler heads will prevail and give Stephen a majority so that we can continue Canada's reputation of having a strong military that uses it on UN peacekeeping.... despite Liberal cutbacks over the past few decades.

As for Stephane, Gilles and Elizabeth.... as decent as they are, they should do a bit more soul-searching and contemplation to see how the world really works.

Stephane still seems unsure where to go but compared to a year ago he is walking a bit more confidently (even if it is towards a bad direction).

Gilles still assumes that Ottawa is out to get Quebec so he hasn't quite changed strategies.... or realized that maybe the Bloc may not be needed anymore....

Elizabeth should campaign on electoral reforms before presenting herself as a credible political party. (not that we will change the "first past the post" system anytime soon)

austin said...

Yep that's it in a nut shell. Hopefully after this election the Conservatives will still hold thier tiny minority and then I think it should be time for a new leader. If Harper can not get a majority against the joke of a leader the liberals have now there is no hope.

Anonymous said...

austin...if Harper cannot get a majority, nobody can, and Canada will get what it's asking for.