Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jumping the Gun

Who will replace Stephane Dion as Liberal leader?
Justin Trudeau
Bob Rae
Garth Turner
Michael Ignatieff
Margaret Atwood
Danny Williams
Elizabeth May
Stephane Dion's dog Kyoto
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Anonymous said...

As was the case in the last parliament, the Conservative Party’s countless authentic small-c fiscal and/or social conservatives will once again not be represented in the next Parliament.

Harper must promptly learn that that genuine conservatives despise his plunge to the left and his Quebec ass-kissing.

Many legitimate small-c fiscal/social conservatives are now demanding a leadership campaign in which we would elect a unadulterated conservative leader, rather than just another ambitious politician disposed to sell his small-c principles for the third floor office on parliament hill.

MIkhael said...

Sure anonymous.

I loved Preston Manning too. He was the finest person who was a politician that I ever knew. But when he was around le Cretin ran the country, and never looked over his shoulder once.

I'll take Harper over Rae any time. Your option guarantees Rae.