Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Parlez-vous le debate?

I didn't watch the French-language leadership debate tonight.

This is mainly because my French language skills are at a grade school level.

So unless the debate topics included going skiing ( je fais du ski) or Tante Louise's chocolates (ooh la la, la chocolates!) I would be pretty much lost.

However, my wife, who speaks fluent Parisian French watched the debate and gave me the lowdown.

She assures me Stephane Dion has the best accent.


MrEd said...

LOL...Jerry, that's because he's the only one with dual French citizenship...

Anonymous said...

Which mred,though it is never going to happen, should disqualify him from ever becoming the Prime Minister of Canada. The Prime Minister of Canada (or any country, for that matter) cannot owe allegiance to another country. When he became a French citizen he would have had to swear allegiance to the French State.....argee

Anonymous said...

He disappeared for me.It was pretty boring.The liberal spin was wonderful.But truly laughable.

Iain G. Foulds said...

... It was an insightful moment, when after the debate, a Quebec commentator declared Dion the winner.
... Why? Because he put on a good "performance", with lots of "passion".
... There was no mention of anything that Mr. Dion said.
... Quebec politics are a joke.