Thursday, October 30, 2008

Harper's Cabinet

Here's a partial listing of Prime Minister Harper's new cabinet:

Leona Aglukkaq: Minister in Charge of Defending Our Socialist Health Care System.

Jim Prentice: Minister in Charge of Coming up with a Conservative version of a carbon tax, that won't actually be called a carbon tax.

Jason Kenney: Minister in Charge of Wooing Ethnic Votes

Rob Nicholson: Minister in Charge of Justifying the Human Rights Commission.

Peter Kent: Minister in Charge of Being From Toronto


Anonymous said...

As startling and ominous as appointing several affirmative action bimbos to positions for which they have categorically no familiarity and/or proficiency, the most economically detrimental appointment is Comrade Prentice, perhaps the most leftists minister of Harper’s cabinet. As minister of the Environment he is now in position to obliterate our economy with his socialistic obstructions to the free market place. This is the American- detesting leftists who, as industry minister, intervene in the free market place by stopping the sale of a Canadian company. Do we need anymore proof than to listen to the Liberals and NDPers flattering their ideological compatible fool? Now the quasi socialist Prentice will no doubt endeavor to de-industrialize our economy back to the middle ages just as comrade Dion wanted. Secondly, our hypocritical PM is threatening the country with calamity by leaving this leftist as head of the operational committee.

Rather than continue his plunge to the far-left by appointing first time elected naïve and possibly incompetent bimbos for political reasons, our disingenuous PM should have accepted the counsel of small-c conservatives. A genuine small-c conservative would have chosen ONLY fiscal, social and judicial conservatives.

Unfortunately small-c fiscal, social and/or judicial conservatives are under represented in Harper’s leftist cabinet. It looks like genuine small-c conservatives will not have a party to vote for in the next election. Principled Conservative Party members, who unlike the PM, repudiate exchanging their conservative ideology for their aspiration are demanding a leadership convention.


nbt said...

I was glad to see Tony Clement go to Industry.

Anonymous said...

trolling the blogs today I see Machiavelli - I'm sure one of these times you'll have something to say, but today's not that day dude!

Anonymous said...

For once I agree with everyone on this topic. But consider what reality would be like under a LPC regime or shudder... NDP! I like what I see so far. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Clearly the concept of POLITICS eludes you machiavelli. Had the conservatives a majority government they could play things a lot differently. Unfortunately with a minority things are a bit more difficult. By appeasing the far right loudmouths like yourself they pretty much would guarantee that there's no way they'd win a majority.