Sunday, October 05, 2008

Alas for the North Siders

Let's all spare a few seconds to mourn for the poor people who root for the Chicago Cubs.

The Cubs were eliminated from the play-offs last night meaning their World Series drought has now reached 100 years.

100 years!!!

You would think that just by the law of averages they would win at least one championship over that period of time.

I mean for the hapless Toronto Maple Leafs to match that record of futility would mean not winning the Stanley Cup for another 59 years.

Maybe the baseball gods meant it to be this way. Maybe the world needs lovable losers to root for.

In politics the Alberta Liberals serve the same function.


Dave Hodson said...

Hey, don't sell the Leaf's short. I suspect that's one record they just might reach!

Miles Lunn said...

Too bad. Although the Toronto Blue Jays are my favourite team off course, the Chicago Cubs is who I would most like to see win the World Series after the Blue Jays. Hopefully the loveable losers can win next year if not the Blue Jays.

nbt said...

It's all about Red Sox's nation...and that includes Mannywood as well!

Until we face him and the Dodgers in the World series, that is. ;)