Monday, October 01, 2007

To Boldly Analyze

When elections roll around a lot of people like to "crunch the numbers" in an effort to analyze possible voting outcomes.

But since the Ontario election is pretty, mind numbingly boring, I am looking for other number crunching studies.

For instance, I have come across this analysis examining the correlation between shirt colours and fatalities on the old Star Trek series.

Did you know red-shirted crew members on Star Trek tended to die in groups? Or that in 17 red-shirt fatality episodes, 8 were multiple incidents, 9 were single incidents?

Also, in a little less than 50% of the fatal red-shirt situations, multiple crewmen were vaporized?

Wow, that's just mind boggling.


Roy Eappen said...

Gerry I didn't know you were a trekkie!

Janet said...

Matt and I often see a new character on a TV show and go "Uh oh, looks like he pulled the red shirt," or some equivalent.

rondi adamson said...

Fascinating, Captain (sorry -- had to!). Seriously -- when I watch re-runs (which I do), I will keep this in mind.