Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Me on TV

OK I made it CTV National News tonight, talking about the government's fiscal policies.

You can read about it here.


GDW said...

Think of it as incremental conservatism: I heard Tom Flanagan say a while ago that the old Reform Party platforms were nearly perfect as regards policy, but you couldn't get enough people to vote for them. But I like the bits about limiting the federal spending power in areas of exclusive provincial jurisdiction (which would probably only amount to formalizing the current practice as it's evolved anyway) and reducing interprovincial trade barriers. Both of these could have huge and beneficial long term consequences, and push policy into more productive channels, rather like free trade did in the late eighties. These are the two proposals to watch, not the squabbling over Kyoto.

Hunter said...

"Me on TV" says it all!

"I think a lot of small-c conservative Canadians are disappointed with this government's economic policies," said Gerry Nicholls of the Democracy Institute.

"They haven't done a lot in terms of reducing the size of government or cutting back spending and they've offered very little in terms of meaningful tax relief."

Why wouldn't you say that in a minority situation, the Conservatives have accomplished a great deal? That unemployment is at a 30 year low, or that our dollar is at a 33 year high (Economists already know this.)

Sure we all want them to cut back on spending, but why didn't you mention when they tried that with the Status of Women, they were SCREAMED at by feminists?

You, sir, come off as smug, and arrogant, and you appear to have an agenda, as illustrated by your heading "ME on TV".

You sure weren't for Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Gee, mommy, did you see me on TV?

pathetic or what.

Janet said...

I love how not being for Conservatives if they're not doing the things you believe a governing party should be doing is like killing a bucket of puppies.

If we all sat back and talked about how great Stephen Harper and his government have been, then the government would never move in the right direction - they'd just govern by polling a la the Liberal Party of Canada instead.

Gerry, maybe next time you go on TV you can start chanting "The leader is good! The leader is great! We surrender our will as of this date!"

Anonymous said...

Hunter, do you think Gerry has a hidden agenda? Don't go there honey.

zolton said...

"Why wouldn't you say that in a minority situation, the Conservatives have accomplished a great deal? That unemployment is at a 30 year low, or that our dollar is at a 33 year high (Economists already know this.)"
Cmon hunter you don't really think that our good economic fortune has been enabled by the conservatives one year in office!

Anonymous said...

Actually, you know how you can tell a CPC hack these days?

They are about the only conservatives in the country that are saying anything good about the CPC these days?

The ship sometimes says it is going in the right direction, but very seldomly, does it actually seem to be heading in the right direction.

Hunter... take a chill pill! Why are you attacking Mr. Nicholls? Attack the former Liberal driving the ship if you want a change in direction?

Minority or Majority... you are supposed to "dance with the one that brung ya."

Anonymous said...


In re-reading your message, you seem to be telling Mr. Nicholls what he should be saying rather than just disagreeing with his opinion?

Please correct me if I am wrong?

Who has a hidden agenda?

Anonymous said...


A lot of small c-conservatives like myself are disappointed in the Harper government's economic policies!

In fact, I feel like I have fallen for a grand bait and switch scheme on a number of issues... not solely economic issues.

Why are you disputing Mr. Nicholls' statement? Could you back up your opinions with some evidence instead of slinging mud at Mr. Nicholls?

NB taxpayer said...

Hunter: if you bend over any more for Harp's socialist agenda, ppl are going to start mistaking you for that other Hunter guy over at the CBC.

Janet said...

Oh, and gdw - Tom Flanagan did say that incremental conservative stuff a while ago... and Gerry wrote a rebuttal and will be debating Flanagan on October 23... coming soon to a Fraser Institute event near you!

So it might not be the best argument to bring him over.