Friday, October 19, 2007

Me an Ideologue?

Check out this Fraser Institute news release promoting my upcoming steel cage match with Chief Tory Apologist Thomas Flanagan.

They describe me as the "outspoken, non-partisan ideologue who has been a thorn in the side of the federal conservatives since they started to move towards the political centre."

Unfortunately, the release failed to mention my boyish good looks.


Lemon said...

Go at him Gerry
I've seen the light and have just posted a piece on the backroom guys at the CPC.

Anonymous said...


I recently googled the CPC, and ended up on the Communist Party of Canada website by mistake. As it turns out, they have a centrist platform too...

It seems that every single political party in Canada now does so why should anyone vote?

Anyways, at least, I will get some satisfaction for having being conned by their bait and switch if you hand Tommy Boy his a$$ in this debate...

No holds barred... Throw everything at him.

Anonymous said...

including the vegetables.

NB taxpayer said...

Since the Fraser debate date is near Halloween, you should show up to the event dressed up like a carrot. It would be the stuff of great lore.

Carrots 2 Turnips 0