Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ezra like the Tasmanian Devil

The Western Standard's demise has generated lots of commentary. But I think Rondi Adamson's recent column in the Toronto Star really hits the mark.

The best line is her description of Ezra Levant, who she says is like "the Tasmanian devil – forever in motion, incomprehensible to others though clearly focused on his own goals, scary from a distance, but up close, just a cute little devil."

Something tells me we haven't heard the last of the "Tasmanian Devil".


Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with the last sentence in the column. It's high time we put the 'CBC' up for a free market vote.

GDW said...

I remember Ezra Levant doing political commentary with Stephen LeDrew on one of Global's weekend news shows. Impossible to dislike.

Matt said...

you obviously have forgotten the Ezra that had to be "encouraged" to step aside so the PM could run, not to mention the problems when he was Stock's Director of Communications. From a distance you say? Sure.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to dish a now defunct publication, but good riddance to bad rubbish if you ask me.

Once or twice, I visited the Western Standard's "Shotgun Blog" only to receive some shocked blessing for my soul by some Western theocon for having a difference of opinion.

It was sometimes good for a laugh, but really made the CPC (given Levant's connection) look kinda foolish like they were trying to pull off a Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly thing in Canada.

And a former DJ like Steyn turned war reporter/legal expert/global security guru??? What was that about?

Mark, give me an intelligent, researched piece on musical theatre, please, as "unmanly" as that is...

rondi adamson said...

Matt, I haven't forgotten anything. But I'm a) a woman, and b) not involved in politics. My relationship with Ezra is accurately (if carefullly) reflected in my column.

Anonymous said...


Since everyone is writing politically motivated hatchet jobs these days in Canada, you really should write a book called, "The Hijacking of the conservative movement in Canada."

I find it fascinating that a handful of very clever intellectuals (mainly residents of Calgary who were mostly not even born in Alberta) with the assistance of Levant and others in the publishing business were able to channel the populist movement of the West, and ride it into Sussex Drive.

It would make a great story, and the best part, it is true.

Alberta is now "in," but Albertans are still grumpy. Go figure.