Monday, October 15, 2007

Carrot vs Rutabaga

Remember a few postings ago, I compared Liberal leader Stephane Dion to a carrot?

Well I turned that into a column for the Sun Media chain, and I think it's definitely my most intellectual piece yet.

Even more interesting is that former Liberal cabinet minister, Sheila Copps, writes a rebuttal piece -- except instead of defending Dion and arguing he would make a better leader than a carrot, she goes on the attack, accusing Prime Minister Stephen Harper of being like a rutabaga!!

This has all the makings of a vicious food fight!


Anonymous said...

What ever happened to comparing politicians to booze?

Tequila Sheila?

Anonymous said...

Stephen Dion = Zima

Anonymous said...

Nobody could come up with political insults better than John Crosbie.

The full line was,

"Pass the tequila, Sheila,
lay down and love me again."

Can you imagine? The guy would be thrown in jail for that statement today.

To me, Danny Williams seems pretty tame in comparison to Crosbie.

PS. I tuned Sheila out after she wrote an article saying Bill Casey could never win his seat as an Independent. Wrong again, Sheila!

Anonymous said...

Gee, Mr. Nicholls - your most intellectual ever?

I take a look at you - and charisma sure isn't one of your positives.

Vision? Your narrow mind view is not vision it's just a narrow minded view.

LOL, I'm laughing so hard at your misguided ego.

Mr. Nicholls, you are a turnip.

Anonymous said...

Re: Mr. Nicholls, you are a turnip. What does that mean?

Anonymous said...

I kind of liked the description of Stephen Harper as a "diet Coke" conservative.

One Calorie is not enough.

Lore_Weaver said...

Nice! I just read it linked off of .

Great column, lots of giggles :D

Anonymous said...

To anonymous #4:

"your most intellectual ever"

Could you translate that into English for the rest of us, please?

I am glad that you are laughing though because what I believe that Mr. Nicholls is trying to display is a sense of humour.

Something that has been long missing from this country since we let those damn Albertans "in."

Personally, I believe that the comparison of both political leaders to vegetables is quite apt.


Anonymous said...

lol... "At least, the carrot can be used for cakes, pies, casseroles, stews, roasts and even mire pois."

There you go, Gerry, and you said Dion was useless...

But, What the hell is mire pois?

Too funny... when a conservative does it, it is base and degrading, but when a liberal does it, it is "intellectual."

Brian said...

Great article Gerry, I linked up to it:

Anonymous said...

I guess when the CPC has the orders from Tom Flanagan to "go for the jugular" on every single issue, a national food fight is the inevitable result.

Copps missed the mark... Harper is a mushroom, a real FUN-GUY that would do quite well in a cave.

Anonymous said...

What an awful thing to do to innocent veggies.

Agree that we need more humour in Canadian politics. Need something to counter the sad reality after all.

So we've got Dion as a carrot, turnip.

Harper as a mushroom.

Duceppe? Layton?

Anonymous said...

Duceppe = cauliflower

Layton = corn(through and through)

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Welcome to the Liberal-lite Championship of the country. The brawl for it all!

I now direct your attention to the centre of the ring which both contestants are currently tussling to occupy.

In the blue shorts, the uncharismatic reigning champion... hailing from Toronto, Ontario with an impressive record of 1 win - 1 loss. He's a former member of the Liberal party of Canada.

Stephen "The Rutabaga" Harper.

And in the red shorts, an even more uncharismatic academic hailing from Quebec City with a record of 0 wins - 0 losses. He's a current member of the Liberal party of Canada.

Stephane "The carrot" Dion.

When I finish this throne speech, you both will touch gloves, and come out explaining to the country how you are different from the other one.

Anonymous said...

No, No!

Duceppe = mire pois

Though, I am still not sure what the hell it is!

Anonymous said...

Referee: OK, youze guys! I want to see an unclean fight -- lot's of punches below the belt, and no principles!

Seriously, is anyone in Canada going to get excited about these two?