Saturday, October 13, 2007

MMP Compromise

Andrew Coyne is still making the case for mixed member proportional (MMP) electoral reform, even though only 37 percent of Ontarians supported the idea in Wednesday's referendum.

Me I was never really sold on the idea.

But maybe a good compromise would be to have MMP apply to only 37 percent of the province.


Greg said...

Are you against PR systems of all types or just MMP? I would have thought PR would appeal to a libertarian for the reasons Coyne himself has outlined.

William said...

37% of 52%...does NOT make a majority..!
Coyne ignores the 63% of 52% who voted against MMP..!
Coyne's idea of democracy says all ridings should be represented by first, the politician who garnered the most votes, but also the
second and third place finishers as well, afterall, extreme political viewpoints aren't extreme, they're JUST different.
MMP is affirmitive action for politicians with distastefull the NDP, the Communist Party, the Skin Head Party, the Anti-Gay Party, the Save-The-Whales Party, the Anti-Abortion Party..etc..etc..
If any of the above mentioned parties can garner 3% of 52%..then
..according to Coyne..all deserve a VOICE in parliment..!
One more time...

Anonymous said...

The way I see it MMP would just be a politically correct way to parachute people into parliament without having to upset the riding associations. The big parties would use it to target what ever groups they wanted to target for political expediency.

Swift said...

Changing the voting system is not necessary. All the voters need to do is decide to vote for only two parties. Every one elected will be elected by a majority. The politicians could change it by amalgamating the parties into two parties. They don't want that either. So the great problem that Coyne is complaining about is the choice of both the people and the politicians, yet he complains it is not democratic? Wake up to reality Andrew.

Greg said...

Swift that is my definition of Hell. To be condemned to McGuintoryism forever.