Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Michael Coren Show and Me

I will be on the Michael Coren Show tonight on CTS at 8:00 PM to discuss federal politics.

Taped it this morning, and it was a good show -- lots of animated discussion.

Also on the panel were my friend John Capobianco and former Liberal leadership candidate Martha Hall Findlay.

Findlay, by the way, would have made a much better leader than Stephane Dion.


Anonymous said...

Why would you bother? Coren doesn't understand evolution and favours a belief in "big magic man in the sky" mechanisms, so he has clearly abandoned rational thought in favour of primitive faith. Any mind that so willingly ignores reason will be necessity be deficient in many other judgments as well.

Anonymous said...

I watch Coren all the time. I look forward to viewing tonight's show and your contribution.

Louise M.

Mikey said...

Sorry I'll have to miss it. Coren himself doesn't always do a wonderful job of articulating good arguments, but his guests sometimes fill in the gap.

Anyway, another big soiree tonight, and no TIVO so we're out of luck. I'm sure you rocked!

Anonymous said...

I used to be a really big fan of Michael until he starting bashing Evangelical Christians because he once spoke at my Church on a Sunday Night.

Oddly , I was against capital punishment until I saw how Jesus allowed his own death because he explained how he came to Earth to give eternal Life from His Justice to foregive and accept those that5 change their ways.

Oddly , Michael was for it until he became a Catholic and now Coren sees the Earth as a project to do what Jesus didn't do by ending all poverty, harm,wars,hate,crime and make the Earth so nice that nobody will want to leave and will strive for eternal life right here .

The Super-Human that never dies and never suffers in life .

If Coren was around at the time of Christ he would have prevented the death of Christ and robbed me of salvation by the Lamb of God and there would never have been a Peter to tell about his job to build the Church.

Anonymous said...

You are not saying much about Findlay because you also said a carrot would have been a better leader too. I thought that Rick Mercer's "glass of water" analogy may have been a little on the mean side, however.

Good luck in kicking more "Conservative" and Liberal butt tonight!

Anonymous said...

No post today, Gerry?

The PMO doesn't have you bound and gagged in a warehouse until the next election is over, does it?