Friday, October 19, 2007

Democracy in the Work Place

Every once in a while the courts make a decision which restores your faith in the system.

Case in point: yesterday an Ontario Superior Court ruled union bosses can't use the courts to enforce fines they impose on unionized employees who choose to work during a strike.

The case involved the Public Service Alliance of Canada which used fines to punish employees who had the audacity to cross picket lines so they could work for a living.

PSAC, clearly thinking it was some sort of parallel government, believed it could sue employees who didn't pay the fines.

Wrong, said the court.

In fact, in Canada employees have every right to cross a picket line.

Let's hope the next step is to stop union bosses from bullying employees who choose to cross a line.


Iain G. Foulds said...

... There will come a time when we will have eliminated the regressive presence of unions in our nation- restoring the liberty of the employer to freely set conditions of employment, and the liberty of the employee to accept offered conditions.

Iain G. Foulds said...

... Legislating an immediate end to Public Service unions- each employee to be considered privately contracted- would set Canada as a courageous champion of the values of individual liberty.