Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Facebook Pals

Writing in today's National Post, Barbara Kay suggests Facebook is a "stage for showcasing one's wit, charm and social worthiness and therefore inherently competitive. Friendship quality is irrelevant; quantity and self-promotion are all that count."

She is absolutely right.

I want all the Facebook friends I can get!

So if you are on Facebook I would be glad to be your friend.


NB taxpayer said...

Kay's Facebookism: See evil, speak no evil.

Just your luck, you make 236 friends and you can't speak to any of them in public. That is so ewww Gerry.

Matt said...

Only 236 friends?

I have 300, not that it's a competition, but it does make me 27.1% better as a human being.

Miles Lunn said...

I only add friends who are actually friends or at least people I know and like. So since I have never met you Gerry, I would decline your friend request. I only have 60 friends as of today and I am quite content with that. I would rather at least know who I have on my friend list that not know.