Friday, October 05, 2007

Fibber for Premier

If someone were to ask me who most impressed me so far during the Ontario election (and no one did) I would unhesitatingly answer: Fibber.

Fibber is the Canadian Taxpayers Federation mascot, (he who sort of looks like a famous long-nosed fairy tale character) who dogs Premier Dalton McGuinty on his campaign stops.
The idea is to remind Ontarians about all of the Premier's broken promises.

Why do I like Fibber?
Because he stays on message. He doesn't get bogged down in side issues or in irrelevant debates. He sticks to a winning theme.

Yes indeed, other politicians could learn a lot from Fibber.


NB taxpayer said...

No doubt, Gerry. Although I'm sure the Libs would try to turn the tables on his great message (as they always do) by throwing out false allegations that his nose extension was acquired via private health care in the US.

I can see the Star headline now: "Fibber supports two-tier health care" Sigh*

zolton said...

Isn't the CTF supposed to be non-partisan?

Anonymous said...

Being non partisan does not mean that one can't go after any politicians. Besides which the CTF has gone after politicians of every stripe, remember the last federal budget?

Anonymous said...

We're still trying to forget it in Nova Scotia actually.