Monday, March 21, 2011

Media Alert

I am scheduled to be a guest on the Murray Langdon Show (CFAX radio Victoria) today at 1:35 PM ET.

Topics: The crazy week ahead.


wilson said...

When the topic of Govt in contempt comes up,
it seems Libs own go to expert, Prof Ned Franks, is not so sure the Govt is in contempt:

"If the finding of contempt is purely the result of a political game, it's not super serious....

"I have wrestled with this, and I'm not convinced that there actually is a contempt of Parliament and I don't think it's the important issue.
I think the important one is identifying a problem, and the solution is not for the government to overload Parliament with documents at the end of the process."

Anonymous said...

Damage control 101 for Harper:
1. Push down all other scandals, hold a news conference and throw each one away... except for the hooker deal.
2. Tell the public that the hooker deal will be fully investigated for wrong doing and that it did not touch the PMO as the media suggests. Don't run from it, in fact embrace it. Turn it into positive PR.
3. Begin attack on Iggy's person: in order to win, conservatives must smash him.
4. Be nice to the NDP and the Block, because they can always be useful.
5. Dig, dig, and dig for dirt on the Liberals.
6. Let the media know that being on the outs with the government can be bad for business.
(real conservative)