Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Coalition Cabinet?

Since the possibility of a Liberal-NDP-Bloc Coalition government isn’t getting nearly enough media attention, I thought I would add my two cents.

More specifically, I was wondering what a Coalition Government cabinet might look like, hypothetically speaking, of course.

We all know Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has promised not to ever, ever, ever form a Coalition, unless he does.

Anyway, here’s my prediction of a possible Coalition cabinet:

Michael Ignatieff - Prime Minister (or as it the office will henceforth be known “Czar of all the Russias”)

Jack Layton – Minister in Charge of Tax and Spend

Gilles Duceppe – Minister Responsible for Transferring Alberta Wealth to Quebec

Elizabeth May – Minister of De-Industrialization (Will also be responsible for turning off the lights when debate in the House of Commons is over.)

Justin Trudeau: Minister in Charge of Multicultural Barbarism

Thomas Mulcair – Minister of Undermining Jack Layton

Bob Rae - Minister of Making Socialism Work This Time

Ken Dryden – Minister for Boring Speeches

Hey, I just thought of something. Given this potential all-star cabinet line up, I wonder why the Liberals don’t want to talk about a possible Coalition?


Jacoline Loewen said...

Minister Responsible for Transferring Alberta Wealth to Quebec - the best description of any Quebec leader I have ever seen - well done, Nicholls!

Anonymous said...

The LPC should do an election ad with much like the Canadian Heritage mini commercial/movies. One could be with PET.."I assure you that there will be no wage and price controls" then show a newspaper headline with Zap, your frozen. Then, move to JChretien and the "I promise to cancel the GST"...and yet another newspaper clipping about not doing it. Then, on to Iggys promise. Finish with some soft music and a soft voice..."the liberal party of canada, breaking promises for 40 years now".

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Pat Martin as Minister for Status of Women!

bertie said...

Finally another post that makes sense.

This may well come to pass if Canadians don,t wake up.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good idea for a conservative TV ad? Where do we fit Duceppe? (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Now its not a coalition...its called an "ACCORD". Like the agreement Liberal Petterson had with NDP turned Liberal Bob Rae in 1985 when they voted non confidence against the winning Conservative Govt.to knock them out of Govt.

Ruby Dhalla minister in charge of nannys

Judy Sgro, minister in charge of social housing

Dennee Codere minister of defence.

Libby Davis minister in charge of agriculture

Miles Lunn said...

If the current polls continue I doubt this will happen. Most polls showing either the Tories winning a solid minority or barely a majority. If the Liberals try to pull this off again, it will only hurt them and considering how bad their polls were at this point, I have a tough time believing they are that stupid to do this. Yes they have made some decisions, but if they are actually that delusional, that will say more about them than anything. As a non-partisan observer who sits between the two parties on the ideological spectrum, my gut feeling was the public would react negatively even before any polls were released and it turns out I was right.

Top Can said...

Actually, Pat Martin should be appointed Minister of Being A Complete Ass!

Anonymous said...

Yet CBC Mansbridge and Keith Borge spent 10 minutes telling us how in 2008 the Block wern't in a coalition. Never mind that the Liberals and NDP votes together wern't enough to overcome the Conservatives. Then there is a pic of the 3 amigo's signing the big offical document(Guceppe included) and CBC says Duceppe didn't sign...it was another paper.Then they show a clip from 1997 and spend 5 minutes telling us PM Harper would agree to a coalition in 1997, which after looking at the clip HE SAID NO SUCH THING. CBC...Coalition Broadcast Corporation.