Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Political movies

With a spring federal election in the offing, I would like to suggest some recent movies to help get us in the mood.

The Walking Dead:
A fascinating documentary on the election chances of the Ignatieff Liberals

The King’s Speech:
A behind the scenes look at the difficulties facing our King – aka Prime Minster Stephen Harper

Examines the reasons why anyone would ever vote for the NDP.

I Am Number Four:
The Gilles Duceppe story


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you have regained your humorous
good movie choices


Anonymous said...

The Vampires Assistant- the John Baird story

Anonymous said...

Dead Man Walking--the Iggy story

Dumb and Dumber-- the Jack and Iggy story

A Fist Full of Dollars--the Christiane Ouimet story

Hide in Plain Sight--the Bev Oda story

Anonymous said...

How about.."A look back in Time'?