Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reviewing the Liberal ads

In yet another sign a federal election might be near the Liberals have released a couple of new TV spots -- one sort of negative, the other positive.

Here's the attack ad.

This is a good ad from a stylistic and technical viewpoint. Great visuals, ominous music, clear concise message. I especially like the part at the end when the words "deceit", "abuse" and "contempt" are stamped on the screen in big red letters. You could watch this ad with the sound turned off and still get the message, which is the mark of a good TV spot. But it has one big problem -- the content. The ad focuses on a series of "mini-scandals"  which, as I have noted before, won't resonate with the public. Political messages which scream "they are a bunch of crooks" just don't work all that well. So this ad likely won't  have much impact with the casual voter. On the other hand, simply by releasing an aggressive ad the Liberals are sending out the message that they are willing to duke it out with the Tories, countering Conservative attack ads with their own attack ads. This will at least help mobilize and energize a demoralized Liberal base, which is not a small thing.

Score 7 out of 10.

Here's the positive spot.

One word: boring!

This is the kind of spot you dream up when you don't have any ideas for an ad.  Here's what probably happened in  Liberal HQ:

Consultant 1: Well, we have no issues. We are down in the polls. Nothing is sticking to the Tories.What do we do?

Consultant 2: I have it! Let's have the leader mumble some Liberal talking points while speaking directly to the camera?

Consultant 1: Brilliant! We can whip that up in two minutes. Now who wants to order lunch?

Well, I think the Liberals should have worked at little harder. First off, Michael Ignatieff doesn't exactly exude charisma on the screen, so why they have an ad with just him talking is beyond me.

At least throw some visuals in the spot. Have him in a classroom, a senior centre, or have some words appear on the screen. Anything to break the tedium.

Also, the content is really weak. Seems to me what Canadians really care about is the economy. The stuff Ignatieff rattles on about is likely lower on the national priority list. (Although I did like the crack about the G 20 "lake") Not that it matters since most viewers will likely tune this dud out.

Score: 4 out of 10.


bertie said...

I would sue the ass off of these guys.Put the lying bastards in prison.Bev Oda did not alter or forge any documents.I think the corrupt LIBS have gone too far this time.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the Libs want to remind voters that the Cons. are corrupt. It also reminds the voter of Adscam.

Liberals should not be preaching to Canadians on ethics. It is not their strong suit.

Anonymous said...

The Libs are going to find themselves being reminded about adscam during an election. Two can play the same game. Canadians were much more outraged about adscam than this penny anti crap.

Anonymous said...

In the second ad, Ignatieff is wearing pink lipstick.

Anonymous said...

Pink lipstick?

With the Barbarian vote locked up they are now targeting the TV vote.

Paul MacPhail said...

You can put all the pink lipstick on him that you want, he's still a Liberal.

Joe said...

So ad 1 contains a terminological inexactitude and likely will have to be withdrawn and an apology offered which kinda takes away the effectiveness of accusing your worthy opponent of lying by apologizing for lying.

Ad 2 shows Iggy looking like he has been embalmed by a second rate mortician.

My biggest question is just who is doing these liberal(?) ads and why are you working for the conservatives. Did the liberals not pay their bill last time and this is revenge?

Craig Smith said...

But they can't afford to air them so the media will play them endlessly free of charge.

Anonymous said...

William in Ajax said...

Forcing an unwanted $300 million dollar election to collect $1.95/per vote will also help mobilize and energize a demoralized (CASH POOR) Liberal base.

Their stuck with Iggy, and their stuck with loads of party debt.

An election will be very profitable for the Liberals regardless of the outcome.

Once Canadians realize the "why" for this election, punishment will be severe.!

Anonymous said...

Liberals don't need 'attack" ads. They have the CBC to do it for them for nothing ,24/7 and the Taxpayer pays for it.
Bev Oda should sue the slime buckets.

Anonymous said...

Haha, you guys are even funnier than the Birthers.