Thursday, March 10, 2011

Media Alert

I am scheduled to be a guest on the Michael Harris Show today at 1:45 PM ET. Topics: Politics.


James Walker said...

How did it go with lefty Mike ?

Anonymous said...

Guess I missed you. I no longer listen to Harris's self-righteous monologues interspersed with the usual cast of callers - Harper-haters Ron from Smiths Falls and Dale & Josh from Montreal plus the bleatings of self-pitying postal worker John. All agreeing with everything Mikey says. Disagree with him, he insults you and hangs up. So much for civil discourse.

wilson said...

Gerry, perhaps you could point out that the Milliken decision was NOT historic,
Milliken found the same contempt of Parliament for 2 former Liberal Cabinet Ministers:

'Mr. Milliken found prima facia evidence of contempt of parliament against Art Eggleton(2002) and Anne McLellan(2001).
In both cases the matter was sent to committee where a Liberal majority exonerated the cabinet ministers...
Contempt of parliament charges could only be secured by vote in a minority parliament situation.'

h/t Martin from Erwingerrits blog

Unknown said...

Listen to CFRA often but never to "I'M the smartest man I know" Harris. Fox has Alan Colmes and CFRA has blah blah Mikey.