Thursday, March 03, 2011

Media Alert

I am scheduled to be a guest today on the Michael Harris Show, (CFRA Ottawa) at 1:45 PM ET, to discuss current events.


Anonymous said...

I can imagine...One massive smear job against the Govt.? Thought Anna tremonty had that covered this morning on CBC radio. Oh well...they have nothing else. Set them straight Gerry.

Anonymous said...

The Michael Harris Show, aka the 'Bash Harper Fest'.

Omar said...

Smear job? Three individuals profiled for their experiences running for the CPoC? You guys slay me.

Anonymous said...

Sour grapes from X Conservatives with an axe to guy ran for the Liberal party after he lost.The other one has a book out.CBC is a free attack ad for Liberano$.

Google ...Evidence of how Liberals & NDP engaged in their own In & Out funding efforts...its all there.

Did you know the BLOCK invented the In & Out? They are the FATHERS of the system.
The Coalition are dried up, face it.

Anonymous said...

Since Gerry is all for fairness, how about the FATHERS of the In & OUT...maybe Michael harris can talk about this?

I guess the Block had judge Judy looking into their In & Out…lol…I mean…lets be FAIR here…RIGHT??

In the 2000 federal elections the Bloc Québécois organized a system to inflate apparent campaign spending at the riding level, and thereby receive much higher refunds from Elections Canada.[1] The Bloc organized “La Méthode In & Out” prior to the elections, having each candidate agree to certain spending numbers in order to inflate the overall cash flows. In exchange, Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe would sign their nomination papers.

Large amounts of cash were transferred from the party organization to the individual riding associations that are in charge of running one candidate’s election campaign. The money was then distributed to the volunteers as payments for various expenses. The volunteers then donated that money back to the party.[1] On the surface it appeared that the ridings were spending much larger amounts of money than normal, enough to drain the party war chest. In fact, a considerable portion of the money was being returned directly to the party’s coffers.

Under normal circumstances the money received by the volunteers would be subject to income tax and therefore the scheme would be unattractive to them. But because the money was then spent on political donations, the cash was tax free. The only cost to the volunteer was time in filling out their tax forms – something they were giving up anyway as a volunteer for the party.

The scheme may have remained unknown if not for an ironic court case against former Bloc MP, Jean-Paul Marchand. Marchand agreed to spend $66,000 as part of the in and out scheme, but spent only $22,276. The Bloc sued Marchand, saying he had broken his contract and owed them $36,362. A Quebec judge agreed with the Bloc, but lowered the amount to $16,362.[1] When the story broke in 2003 as a result of the court case, the ruling Liberal Party immediately started to implement changes to the election law to stop this process. However, these changes were not implemented before the party lost power in 2006.

After the Liberals Paul Martin LOST to the Conservatives EC changed the rules.What a bunch of phoney’s…CBC where are you????Michael Harris?