Friday, March 25, 2011

Gloating Alert

Wow, looks like a spring election will be called today.

Who could have predicted such a thing!

Oh yeah, I could and did --- three months ago. See here and here.

Now you know why I am one of Canada's Top Five Political Minds.


Jonathan Friesen said...

No one in the top 5 would admit they were in the top five.

Anonymous said...

How very true Jonathan. Just like no real intellectual would call themselves an intellectual (aka Iggy).

Anonymous said...

Top Five eh?

How many cereal box tops did you clip and mail in?

Rotterdam said...

Harper is a shrewd Machiavellian schemer. He has a Nixonian strategic mind. This is the election he wants, and was able to let the opposition do the dirty work by forcing it.
Dick Smythe said the same thing this morning on 640.

Nicholls is right, the man has a brilliant mind. Listening to Ignatieff screaming reminds me of Joe Clark getting angry, and thinking Canadians will vote for him, Trudeau destroyed Joe, Harper will destroy a delusional Ignatieff as well.

Edmund Onward James said...

Perhaps, then my prediction of a spring election and a majority CPC was because of your comments. Brilliant! Gerry! Brilliant!

And the negative comments about you being in the top 5 is typical of those who are not confident about themsleves and who and what they they read.

I like a person who can be bold and back it up. It's like a hockey player or baseball player, even a boxer believing they are the tops otherwise take up another career.

Conservative Party Canada — Majority!

AToryNoMore said...

Mr Harper is about to be consumed by the monster he created!

Anonymous said...

The idea that Harper is some political genius is pure unfiltered delusion. He blew it against Dion, sold out ALL his principles, and he still can't get number consistently in majority territory even in a roaring economy. For all the communication skills he has he may as well be mute.