Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Good luck to Stephen Taylor

Finally the folks running the National Citizens Coalition have caught on to their own irrelevancy.

After years of wallowing in obscurity, they have hired Stephen Taylor, who unlike the people currently running the operation, actually possesses media and political savvy.

So they deserve credit for making a good move.

It says here, Taylor will be a "director" and will apparently be  in charge of the group's social media.

And God knows the NCC's social media desperately needs help. Both the NCC Facebook page and Twitter accounts are jokes.

But I hope Taylor does more.I hope he takes on a broader range of duties in terms of directing the NCC's policies and media strategies. I hope he can become the new "face" of the NCC.

After all, social media alone can't make a difference. You also need to have a vision. You need to engage issues that actually matter. You need the ability to communicate in a persuasive manner. You need the courage to take on battles even if it means going against the odds.

I know Taylor and he has what it takes to embrace these challenges.

In any event, I would like to offer him the following suggestions to help restore some of the NCC's lost grandeur:

* The NCC must stop cheer leading for the Harper Tories. To have any credibility, the NCC must be an ideas-oriented, tough, non-partisan organization, not a lap dog for the Prime Minister.

* Bring back the old NCC-style ads which were fun, had zing and generated news. Today the NCC, if it advertises at all, sticks to the bland. Boring doesn't work for an advocacy group.

* Once you announce a campaign follow it through. All too often, the NCC will announce a campaign with great flourish, but then you never hear of it again. For instance, more than three years ago the NCC promised to produce a report on how to reform health care. It never materialized. What happened?

* Develop a professional look. The NCC blog is jammed with spelling and grammar errors. And the writing style is awkward.

* Send out a news release once in a while. As far as I can see the NCC only sends out a release once every six months.

* Develop a media presence. Get quoted in papers. Appear on news shows. Write op eds. Since I have returned from the US, I have appeared on six TV programs, five radio shows and had op eds published in four different newspapers, which is more than the combined media for the NCC all year!

Anyway, I wish Stephen Taylor all the luck in his new job.

I have a special place for the NCC in my heart. I want it to do well.

Canada needs all the principled conservative voices it can get.


Anonymous said...

Agree with all of that. And Stephen Taylor is a young, highly capable conservative, not even hitting his potential yet. The NCC should be like a Tea Party Think Tank; not beholding to anyone, open to all ideas ….it just happens that the only thing that will ever work is conservatism … LOL.


Blame Crash said...

Congrats to Stephen Taylor!

Who knows, maybe one day he’ll become the second “Stephen” alumni of the NCC to become the Prime Minister of Canada!

The fact that they have one alumnus that’s now the Prime Minister of Canada says a lot about their success, or does that fact disturb your narrative to such a high degree that it somehow or other doesn’t count?

Anonymous said...

"The NCC must stop cheer leading for the Harper Tories."

-Won't happen with Stephen Taylor in charge. He is a conpologist and PMO palace guard to the bone. He has no principles, like all conservatives.

@BlameCrash: an argument as pathetic as yours couldn't disturb anything.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to him. I remember when he started the Blogging Tories, I was an early blogger then, among the first few dozen. He has come a long way in terms of his knowledge, abilities and political instinct and most of all focus. We need more real conservatives. (real conservative)