Thursday, December 09, 2010

Canada still in trouble

Twenty years ago William Gairdner came out with a book called The Trouble with Canada.

A devastating critique of Canada’s leftist economic and political failures, it was a must read for every Canadian, especially for those Canadians who cherished our freedoms and traditions.

Gairdner, who by the way, is a brilliant political philosopher, laid out in stark terms how wrong-headed government polices were wrecking our country.

And for me, The Trouble with Canada was also an excellent resource. Whenever I needed a fact or an argument for some case I was making, my first move was to consult Gairdner’s book.

That’s why I am happy to say that Gairdner has a new book out called The Trouble with Canada … Still!

More than just a revision, The Trouble with Canada … Still! updates the case against the leftist ideology which, unfortunately, still motivates much of Canada’s governing and media elites.

And Gairdner pulls no punches. He goes after big spending politicians, enforced bilingualism, activist judges, radical feminism, official multiculturalism and a whole herd of sacred cows.

In the process the book touches on a myriad of topics including the national debt, the battle against terrorism and socialized medicine.

You may not agree with all of Gairdner’s arguments, but I guarantee you will find his ideas both thoughtful and thought-provoking.

If you care about fixing what’s wong with Canada and if you want an clear, concise outline that provides the answers, then get a copy of the Trouble with Canada …. Still!


Edmund Onward James said...

Political Science Professor Salim Mansur highly recommended The Trouble With Canada...Still. I purchased it and have posted a blurb, and will likely comment on several more chapters.


Lynn said...

Thanks for the tip,didn't know about the new "Trouble". I loved the first book by Gairdner, will definitely get this one!

Christmas is coming.