Thursday, December 23, 2010

Suzuki's pagan cult

Scientist David Suzuki likes to think of rivers as the "earth's veins."

Or at least I heard him say that recently on a TV interview.

It made me  wonder if the scientist Suzuki also likes to think of mountains as the earth's acne and forests as its hair? And I don't even want to know what body part comes to mind when he ponders the Grand Canyon!

Anyway, what this shows is that while environmentalists like Suzuki like to trumpet the "science" of global warming, what really seems to be their motivation is some sort of bizarre mixture of socialism and pagan mysticism.

In short, they believe a free-market-based, industrial society is evil because it offends the goddess Gaia.

Bolivia's socialist president Evo Morales summed this attitude up best when he recently declared, "either capitalism dies or Mother Earth dies."

So I fully expect in the not too distant future, Suzuki or Morales or Al Gore will be calling upon us to toss a virgin SUV into a volcano to appease Mother Earth.

But of course, it will be done in the name of science.

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Anonymous said...

Paganism is probably best reflected in today's Wicca, which had its revival in GB several decades ago. An interesting group to study. The recent equinox with moon/lunar/luna or feminine waning/hiding probably resulted in rituals in most pagan covens. (real conservative)