Saturday, November 20, 2010

Simpson wrong on taxes

Here's a letter to the editor I sent to the Globe and Mail in response to Jeffrey Simpson's call for higher taxes.

Jeffrey Simpson decries politicians who use “old ideas” to solve economic problems, but then oddly he suggests the US government raise taxes, which is surely the oldest idea of them all. (“Those old Bush ideas haunt us still” November 19.)

How do you think governments in the olden days paid for new pyramids or for wars to glorify the Emperor/King/Pope or for massive palaces?

They simply increased taxes on hapless peasants.

The historical record also shows that high taxes and big government never resulted in healthy or prosperous economies.
Only when citizens were allowed to keep more of their own money and invest it in the framework of a free market economy did societies grow wealthy.

And by the way, the notion that government should keep its hands out of the wallets of the people is a, historically speaking, relatively recent idea.

 So if Simpson really supports "new" ideas to spur the economy he should call for lower taxes and smaller government


Blame Crash said...

Don’t go holding your breath waiting for any of Toronto’s version of the Beverly Hillbillies to catch on to that sort of thinking. It just isn’t in their self interest.

Like all leftists they believe that ideology (AKA : their self-serving ideology) should be the principal determinant of a persons status in society. It really is all they got. That’s why they use every underhanded and dirty trick in the book to their advantage.

Ol Jef Clampett is just looking out for his own kin.

AToryNoMore said...

Blame Crash said...
1:15 PM

I live in the Red Neck Riviera and I can tell you that the true believer cons are the same here.

I guess its just a matter of perspective. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are great places to visit. Like them just as much as I do the rural community that I live in.

You need to get out more.

The right wing wackos could stand a little more integration with their urban cousins.

We are all the same.