Friday, November 12, 2010

Attack ad truce?

Both the Ontario Liberal and PC Parties are talking about staying positive in the next provincial election.

And they might  mean it.

But as I argue in this Ottawa Citizen column, circumstances will likely force them into negative campaigning whether they  like it or not.


Calgary Junkie said...

Attack ad truce ? LOL

This is the most ridiculous idea I've heard in ages. Where to start ?

Oh never mind. The Libs and PCs BOTH deserve to get creamed, and have the Dippers take over.

BTW, do the Dippers and Greens also have to follow these "Marquis of Queensbury" rules being negotiated in the back rooms by dumb and dumber ?

Joanne (BLY) said...

Good article Gerry, but I think one needs to differentiate between "truth ads" vs. personal attacks.

I think it is justifiable to attack a candidate's record but family members should be out of bounds, IMHO.