Tuesday, November 30, 2010

By-Election Blues

As we all know by now the big winner in the Monday by-election was, of course, Don Cherry.

Other than that, the three by-elections were notable for their lack of passion, excitement and intensity. Witness the dismal voter turnout.

And that, I believe, reflects the mood of the Canadian electorate. Simply put, when it comes to federal politics, the voters are apathetic or at least not engaged.

This is quite a contrast to the mood in the United States. As someone who worked for nearly a year as a political consultant in the US, I can tell you there is a boat load of intensity, emotion and excitement in American politics.

The voters down south are angry and they wanted Washington to know it. Hence the November 2 mid-term election, in which voters spanked the Obama regime pretty good.

But here in Canada it’s different.

There is no great desire among voters to remove Prime Minister Stephen Harper from office, nor is there a great desire to keep him in office.

It’s kind of a political limbo.

And this is the challenge all the political parties must face in the months ahead.

How will they reach voters on an emotional level?


rondi adamson said...

Is Don Cherry now an MP?

Anonymous said...

Candians are "happy" with their federal government and do not want a federal election anytime soon. I hope the Pirate Party has candidates in all ridings next year - could be entertaining. Who knows, perhaps Johnny Depp will make a pitch on their behalf. Cheers. FernStAlbert ps AB is in the middle of a health care meltdown and that is more engaging than what is happening on the federal scene.

L said...

And we in BC want heads to roll provincially. Ont has had it with their premier as well.