Thursday, October 07, 2010

"The NCC has let down the Canadian conservative movement"

Writer/author Paul Tuns recently recounted the sad state of affairs at my old group the National Citizens Coalition.

Writes Tuns:

Where is the NCC -- and what is it doing Gerry Nicholls gets asked this question a lot: Does the National Citizens Coalition even still exist?

There is a reason for this question. Quick, name any campaign the NCC is undertaking right now.

When were they last quoted in a news article?

The NCC's last dated press release was March 25 and their last press release lamely called for the Ontario Liberals to "openly discuss their plans on healthcare reform.

"The president's blog is updated semi-regularly -- although Peter Coleman didn't say anything about the gun registry until after the vote -- but is overly partisan .... But a president's blog isn't activism -- even in 2010. The NCC has let down the Canadian conservative movement.


Anonymous said...

Some days I just feel like giving up, buying a Prius and some leather sandals and wool socks and moving to Northern California. Just give up, spend until it collapses and then keep spending. Hell it's working for the Greeks!

AToryNoMore said...

I am the only real fiscal conservative remaining...

Anonymous said...

I stopped giving them any money after you left and so did many of my friends.