Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween vs Christmas

Here are a few reasons why Halloween is better than Christmas:

* There are no politically correct demands to replace "Happy Halloween" with "Happy Fall Festival" or "Merry Costume Day."

* No one gives you righteous lectures about the "real meaning" of Halloween.

* You don't have to invite your in-laws over for a traditional Halloween Dinner.

* The Rocky Horror Picture Show is more fun to watch than It's a Wonderful Life.

* There are no Halloween Parades to cause traffic jams.

* When Halloween is over old pumpkins don't leave a billion, jillion needles in your house which keep turning up until July.

* No one ever broke his neck putting Halloween lights up on that tall tree in the front lawn.

* Stores don't incessantly play Halloween songs. (In fact, there really is only one Halloween song.)

* You don't have to pretend to be cheerful all the time.

* For little kids a fat guy, with a big bushy beard in a red suit, is a lot scarier than any ghost.

* Candy, candy, candy!!!


Anonymous said...

A few more...

- no inflated prices for air travel or other vacations.

- get to dress up in womens clothing without anyone thinking you're weird..

- pumpkin pie!!

- no snow

Rightchik said...

Oh Gerry. I never thought I would say this to you but you got something wrong.

Why oh why did you not come to me first to clarify a few points about Halloween - after all how many witches do you know?

Okay, so here goes.

Yes there are annoying witches out there who hate the term Halloween. They prefer to be wished a Blessed Samhain or Happy New Year.

And yes, I have indeed had to endure lectures and diatribes on the real meaning of Halloween - sorry Samhain.

So many witches are uptight, self righteous lefty prigs. Being a conservative in pagan circles is way harder than being a pagan in conservative circles.

Go figure.

Gerry Nicholls said...


I stand corrected!

Rest assured, next time I will seek expert opinions.

Rightchik said...

Gerry, you are gracious. I will remember you kindly next time I cast (that's witch talk for pray).