Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Agenda and Me

If you missed me on The Agenda, the other night -- good news. You can watch it right here!


Springer said...

Interesting program.

My take, FWIW...

I don't think Harper would mind at all anything Bernier has said. Indeed, I suspect Bernier may well have his blessings. Who better within the ranks, being popular in and from Quebec, to field ideas about public policy, and test the arm's length, so to speak? Nothing Bernier has said would be in any way conflicting with Harper's own beliefs...albeit he's had to tone 'em down, given the reality of leading a minority government surrounded by lefties, both across the aisle and in the MSM, who are relentlessly gunning for his hide?

Whatever Harper is, stupid he ain't!

Additionally, no province in this country is in more desperate need for a change from an ages old status quo than is Quebec.

Whether Bernier leads the movement for change from within the federal CPC ranks, or as a leader of a new provincial party, is quite likely beside the point with Harper. The point is that change needs to happen for the sake of both Quebec and a Canada that it is a major player within.

What really struck is that some on this panel seemed to think Bernier was breaking new ground.

One need only go back to the convention out of which the Canadian Alliance was born and listen to what political leaders from all parts of Canada were saying there! Not one wit different from anything Bernier has said or proposed. Not a bit!

It could be argued that, at most, he's reincarnating much of the essence of the Reform Party, and the political philosophies of a young Preston Manning.

That it's so timely is what intrigues me...

Again, Harper, as you no doubt appreciate more than most, is a very politically astute and strategic kinda guy.

...if you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

"Again, Harper, as you no doubt appreciate more than most, is a very politically astute and strategic kinda guy."

-Oh yeah. Pure genius. Runs against openly corrupt Liberal government; can barely get a minority. Puts Maxime Bernier in Foreign Affairs for no reason, despite his doing an excellent job in Industry. Can't even get a majority against Dion.

Gerry, you must realize that the ONLY source of Harper's power is the perception that he is some sort of political genius, which is entirely baseless. Please take aim.