Thursday, September 10, 2009

What the secret speech really is about

The media has pounced on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “secret” speech declaring it evidence that the Tories have some sort of “hidden agenda.”

But, as usual, they got it wrong.

That speech had one purpose and only one purpose: to mobilize conservatives unhappy with the government’s left-wing tilt.

What he is saying in that speech is this: "You may not like some of the stuff I have been doing lately but the only alternative to me is the scary and dangerous “Socialist- Separatist- Coalition” party.

Strategically it's a good idea because no two words will push a conservative’s hot buttons like “socialist” and “separatist.” Put them together and you have dynamite.

The drawback of this scheme, of course, is that by embracing such ideologically-tinted language, the Prime Minister is undermining his “Don't be afraid I’m really a Liberal” strategy of the past five years.

Hence the need to deliver this message in secret.

Of course, in this day and age where everybody has a camera in their hip pocket, there is no such thing as a secret speech.

That’s why rather than delivering the “Socialist-Separatists are threatening Armageddon” message himself, he should rely on friendly Third Parties to do to the deed.

This is the kind of thing the National Citizens Coalition used to do so well.

The only other alternative is for Harper to speak like a conservative in public as well as private.


Jeff said...

Let me ask you though Gerry. Is his base really going to buy what he's selling, and not notice the difference between his words and his actions?

For example, gun control. Harper claimed the dastardly Liberals and NDPs have stopped them. In actuality, Harper has really tried to repeal the registry. There's been a few backbench bills, including one he has his MP to withdraw before the last election. Another one that the MP let die himself by not showing up for the reading. And then when his justice minister did draft a tame-ish bill, they introduced it in the Senate instead of the House, and then withdrew it a few weeks later.

I know the line has been "wait to we get the majority, my Conservative friends" but at what point does that base you speak of say this is getting ridiculous?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that I am agreeing with almost everything you are saying.

What the PM said about needing a majority to get rid of the gun registry is the same thing that he has been saying for the past 5 years...nothing new there.

This was pretty standard boilerplate speech as far as I am concerned. Pretty sure Iggy says the same things about wanting a majority.

I wonder if this wasn't leaked accidentally on purpose.

potato said...

Jeff, the bottom line is Conservatives believe in the individual while Liberals believe in the State. I don't think you're going to find too many Conservatives willing to sacrifice themselves to the state over such picayune matters as the machinations behind passing a bill.

Roy Eappen said...

Jeff, the grits and NDP have blocked the scrapping of the gun registry and a number of other bills. We need a majority. iggy is in for a very nasty surprise if he continues his sprint towards the cliff.

Anonymous said...

The leak might have been pure Harper strategy.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Jeff, that's a good question. Clearly Harper is worried about his base; else why the rhetoric? In the hot environment of an election campaign, such emotional appeals will help keep the troops happy, but of course it will also heighten the disappointment should the Tories fail to deliver.

Anon #1 and Anon # 2, it could be that this "leak" was deliberate.

Jeff said...


They've blocked private member's bills dealing with the gun registry, that's true. Some of those bills went even further than other Conservatives wanted. And Harper intervened to shut one of them down himself before the last election.

Thing is, and correct me if I'm in error, there has been no government-sponsored push to repeal the registry except one, which it announced was going to be introduced in the Senate rather than the House, and was withdrawn before that could even happen.

I don't think private member's bills count. There has been so serious effort by the government to end the registry. It hasn't been blocked because they plain haven't tried.

That's why I found his comments on the video disingenuous, and wondered if his supporters would be placated by the mirage of action or would see through it.

Anonymous said...

The ironic thing is, if this was a deliberate leak, the LPC were the ones who passed it to the media for the PM. LOL.

Anon #2

Anonymous said...

Jeff: Did you say disingenuous?
Your surprised a comment from a politician is "disingenuous' ?
I think the problem for the Liberals is that they are now playing against a man who watched and learned from the best the Liberals had to offer. Is Dalton McGuinty "disingenuous" or a very good politician? Was saying you would scrap the GST knowing full well you wouldnt "disingenuous" or just good politics? I dunno. All I know is if they keep voting for you your doing something right. billg

AToryNoMore said...


Google UN 55/255 and you will see why Canada cannot get out of the gun registry and the conservatives no it. It supports global law and order for the international police forces.

Just that plain Roy and just that simple.

AToryNoMore said...

With the leaking of the video I would wonder if some eager beaver has decided that the leadership convention for the conservatives needs to be sooner than later in order to win the next election.

Go Beaver Go!!!

AToryNoMore said...

Conservative Party of Canada
Federal Election Platform


Invest in effective gun control,
not phoney measures.

Read pages 23 and 24 about gun control in the Stand Up For Canada

The contrast that to the UN 55/255

And that is why my gun toting friends the registry is not going away. Canada is part of this UN arrangement. Canada can't get out unless it deals with Article 20 the Denunciation Clause. And that ain't going to happen because the conservatives believe they are the law and order party and this supports international policing.