Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Liberals mock outrage

The Liberals are apparently shocked and aghast because Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently called left-wing fringe groups, “left-wing fringe groups.”

Mind you, the Liberals are not really shocked or aghast, it’s more like fabricated outrage.

They are trying to bend, twist and distort the PM’s comments to make the case that by attacking left wing groups he is also attacking women/gays/minorities.

Well here’s a news flash for Liberals: just because you are a woman/gay/minority doesn’t also mean you automatically support left wing causes.

For instance, I am sure there are many women/gays/minorities who fully support the idea that taxpayers should not be forced to support left wing court challenges.

That’s why the Liberal PR offensive on this issue is going to fall flatter than one of Michael Ignatieff’s TV commercials.

The only people who will truly be offended by the Prime Ministers comment on left wing fringe groups, will be left wing fringe groups --- like the NDP.


TorontoD said...

Too many viewings of Casablanca? or maybe Jackass The Movie?

AToreyNoMore said...

The conservatives are trying to apply a standard to other political parties that they would never accept themselves.

The have moved away from their core politiclal values and beliefs.

Where I come from they would say politically, that they are all over the place like a dog at a fair.

I will not reward political shape shifters with my vote.

AToryNoMore said...

How could any fiscal conservative of late not vote for the liberals?

There is no where else to plunk your vote.

Take a look at the EI fiasco in the making.

What is this conservative government thinking or are they thinking at all?

AToryNoMore said...

Was Harper snubbed today in Washington?