Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Talking conservative talk

For years now I have been urging Prime Minister Stephen Harper to sound less like a Red Tory and more like a true conservative.

Whenever I do this, partisan Tories inevitably barrage me with personal slurs and criticisms.

Typical reaction: “Gerry you knucklehead. No one likes your ridiculous radical, right-wing, redneck opinions. You’re too stupid to realize that Harper has to shed his former principles and adopt the guise of a moderate, otherwise we will lose power.”

OK fine.

So you would think these same partisans would have been horrified to hear that famous “behind closed doors speech” where the Prime Minister sounded an awful lot like his old National Citizens Coalition persona blasting as he did “left wing fringe groups”, “socialists” and “separatists.”

Yet such was not the case.

In fact, they heaped praise on the Prime Minister for his right wing sounding rhetoric and even congratulated him for “tricking” the Liberals into leaking a video of the speech to the media as this ensured maximum coverage possible.

So maybe my advice wasn't so bad after all?

Anyway, I just hope the Prime Minister continues to talk like a conservative and that he starts acting more like one too.

That would help the party, the conservative movement and most importantly the country.


Anonymous said...

Hear hear, that is what we want but we need to gradually add it to the diet of shyte fed from the communist media's stable. (real conservative)

Chuck80 said...

Don't feel so bad. I wrote this piece ( on the cleavage between So-Cons and Red Tories, a while back, and I was labeled divisive.

The doorknob who accused me was a "former" red tory (I presumed).

AToryNoMore said...

Interesting tune.