Saturday, September 12, 2009

King "Deficit" Kong

Remember how we all cringed back in December when the Stephane Dion-led Socialist-Separatist Coalition talked about racking up an insane $30 billion deficit?

Fortunately, of course, the Conservatives managed to maintain their grip on power, meaning the deficit ended up being a more manageable $20 billion ... oops no it was actually $30 billion ... sorry make that $50 billion ....wait, the figure is really $56 billion last count.

And here's more good news.

Canada's Finance Minister, Jim "The Drunken Sailor" Flaherty, has promised to balance the budget "roughly around the time Mankind starts to colonize Mars."

How will the budget get balanced?

Well, both the Liberals and Conservatives agree the deficit will just "magically disappear somehow."

Me I don't believe it.

I think the deficit will keep getting bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger, until one day it will break free of its chains and escape.

Then, after a murderous rampage through city streets, the deficit will climb atop the CN Tower, where it will be shot down by fighter planes.

Hey, if politicians can fantasize about how they will kill the deficit, why can't I?


Ted Betts said...

Deficits don't matter, Gerry. Promises don't matter.

Haven't you been paying attention?

The only thing that matters is Harper's heroic, epic battle for Truth, Justice and the Amer- I mean, Canadian Way! against the evil S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - the Separatist Progressive Egalitarian Coalition of Traitors, Revolutionaries and Evolutionists!!!

He's Harper, Stephen Harper, 007*, here to save the day, with a license to kill the economy.

(* approximate record spending rate of the Conservatives before the recession "stimulus". Whoever thinks these guys can reign in spending when they haven't shown any ability to do before now are living on Fantasy Island.)

Anonymous said...

Isn't a large part of the deficit (at least 10 billion) a loan to GM that must be repayed when they start to make a profit again?

How much of it is due to (temporary) decreased tax revenue due to the resession and not actually money that was spent "like a drunked sailor?" When people and companies aren't working, they don't pay taxes.

Finally, how much of this deficit was forced on to them by the opposition parties? How much smaller would the deficit be if the opposition hadn't forced the spending up, and how much higher would it have been if the libs, ndp and bloc were fully in charge?


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Gerry. It looks like your goal of getting quoted on another Liberal Party press release is about to come true.

After all, helping the Liberals get elected is your plan isn't it?

Ted Betts said...

"Finally, how much of this deficit was forced on to them by the opposition parties? How much smaller would the deficit be if the opposition hadn't forced the spending up, and how much higher would it have been if the libs, ndp and bloc were fully in charge?"

This is the interesting delusion the Harperites allow themselves.

Stephen Harper was the biggest spending Prime Minister in our history even before the recession (the one Harper said would never come to Canada). Even Trudeau would be jealous.

And they like to have it both ways: all the record breaking stimulus spending was forced on them by the opposition (pass the buck, it's not our fault); but at the same time, they like to claim the opposition didn't contribute in any way to the budget (all of the stimulus was needed and it is the stimulus that is getting us out of this recession, aren't we great for all this spending). Nice pretzel that.

Along the way, not one meaningful spending cut to anything significant. And lots of broken promises.

Is there anything at all conservative that this Conservative government has done?

Blame Crash said...

Do you think that this deficit just might have something to do with the economic situation Gerry? Your beloved Gliberals would have a much higher deficit if they were at the helm or are you going to pretend otherwise?

What would you have the Conservatives do? Layoff government employees by the tens of thousands? Cut back on Medicare? Slash pensions? Raise taxes? Or anything that would insure that the Conservatives don’t get elected again for a long, long time.

Nice try, but you’ll need to hide your “secret agenda” a lot better than that.

Blame Crash said...

Ohh, why look at that!!

You really are becoming an “anti-working class hero” with the Gliberal supremacists.

“Congratulations” are in order !!

Anonymous said...

Get back on your pills Gerry.You seem to be in a Liberal trance.I,ll send Martin over to help you get the deficit under control.Oh he just passed the deficit onto the backs of the the provinces did he and pilfered 50 million from the EI fund to accomplish that little miracle.Oh well that's the Liberal way Thank god we have an honest prime minister who tells us where the money comes from and where it's going.Gerry you can go back to sleep now,you have been educated and are now 100% smarter than before you read this comment.

Erik said...

Indeed Gerry. Drink your blue Kool-Aid!

I'll even pour you a cup. It's on me.

Ken S from Ramara said...

Reading Flaro's Sept update and had a good laugh at table 5 - Personal Income Tax projections. Now that Harpo's killed all those $30/hr jobs and replaced with $10/hr jobs, how the hell are these projections realistic?

AToryNoMore said...

It has all really been about failure.